Welcome to Samskrt

Samskrt treats the mind , body and soul and shows the true meaning of self care and self love to make an individual Happy, Healthy and at peace which makes him more productive.

About the Founder

At 40, Siddhartha was the Asia-Pacific head of a multinational company taking care of multimillion dollar businesses across 5 countries, traveling to China, Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Germany. Wanting to add value to the world while staying true to himself, the natural progression was to start something in Ayurveda that was completely natural. The chemical industry deals in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, it is quite shocking what you eat, drink or use on your face body and hair! Most of us accept it at face value when a large brand tells us that it's food – you don't really question or even care if its food.

As a culmination of a lot of introspection, knowledge and his own experiences, Siddhartha started Samskrt Natural Wellbeing co. – a unique organization which takes an Ayurvedic lifestyle to every home using a mobile app. Our doctors come home like they did 5000 years ago and reverse diseases. After this, Samskrt finally let go of the patient after a couple of months, cured of the illness and empowered with a preventive lifestyle so that the person can remain disease free for the rest of life. This can be availed at any age as this preventive lifestyle is based on the 5000-year-old Sakalya concept of Ayurveda. Our doctors impart a lifestyle, diet, exercise (yoga), detox, medication, counseling, and mantras, all of which work together to heal the mind, body, and soul by showing the patient how to be one with the universe – something which we have all forgotten how to do.

When you are one with the universe, life becomes easier and less of a burden; it's easier to face the ups and downs of life. The individual finally becomes happy, healthy and reaches a state of peace.

This is Siddhartha's endeavour and gift to as many people we can touch to help them be full of joy. He has answered some of his own questions and found peace – "finally I am trying to add some value to the world".

And so we at Samskrt show how people can lead a preventive lifestyle to eliminate diseases and avoid toxins in their daily life.

About the Team

All our Doctors are Specially trained Ayurvedic Doctors ( BAMS or MD ). We call them Lifestyle Coach! All Ayurvedic doctors are trained to be Cardiologist, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, Pediatrician, Nephrologists, Diabetologists, Orthopedic doctors, General Practitioners and Surgeons. Our doctors are no different.

"So they know the whole Human as a unit and treat it like one, one cannot treat the kidneys only and leave the rest of the organs to someone else as the body functions as one unit and not in parts! "

Our Lifestyle Coach's ( Doctors ) also have thorough knowledge of herbs and medicines and their effect on the human body. They are all experts in their own field and after treating you they can connect you to the universe so that the Energy of the universe can flow through you and give you happiness, health and peace while making you disease free. Samskrt consists of expert panel that every case is discussed with panel 6 Doctors which ensures everything is taken care of and a combined experience helps diagnose the problem. Our mission is to heal the world with authentic ayurveda and treat every one of you specially. We treat you and not the disease as each person can have the same disease due to different reasons . When you are under our care we make sure you become disease free .