knee pain ayurvedic home remedy

Ayurvedic home remedy for knee joint pain

Ayurvedic  Solutions for Knee and Joint Pain

Today every senior citizen is suffering from Knee pain and joint pains , this is quite common , although this wasn’t the case until 30 years ago , as we move towards a western lifestyle and diet we get more and more diseases like the west , and the prime reason for knee pain is being over weight and increase in vata causing constipation , back and joint pains

So here are a few home remedies

1 . take sonth ( ginger powder ) with lemon and salt in hot water and drink first thing every morning

2 . take 2 to 3 spoons of ghee in food everyday

3 . Constipation could be another reason for knee pain and joint pains which can reduce by taking castor oil with hot water in the night before sleeping or hot cows milk with 2 spoons ghee and sonth ( make sure that dinner is by 7 or 8 and milk by 10 pm or take 1 spoon triphala with hot water and one spoon ghee

4 . Use warm sesame oil for full body oil massages before bath everyday and also on the knees 2 times a day and use a hot towel on the knees after the oil massage

5 . Do all of the above for 15 days , in case there is a reduction in pain then great but if not then visit your local vaidya , it could be bones related issues or worn out cartilage which needs treatment

6 . eat only dal rice or khichdi for 5 to 7 days

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