CORONA and IMMUNITY ( the future of healthcare is Preventive )

Future of healthcare – PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE
(Defeat Corona Virus and future epidemics with Preventive Healthcare​).

Have you wondered why the Corona virus behaved differently in different countries?
The scientists who couldn’t avoid the deaths of over 100,000 people worldwide would give you many reasons. Although the flu virus mutates, is a non living RNA and can die at certain temperatures it has mostly killed those people who had poor or compromised immune systems regardless of the temperature of the country.

What was the root cause of deaths?

The fact that it can attach to hosts and affect people with compromised immune systems.

Why couldn’t the present medical system not avoid a pandemic?

All developed nations with the best healthcare systems had the maximum number of deaths. The biggest question should be what is your immune system like? Can you strengthen it? Can you be disease free? Can you avoid any pandemic or lifestyle disease?

The answer is YES!! Read on if you want to know the answers.

We are born with a certain amount of immunity to certain germs and viruses based on our parents and ancestor’s DNA, however the rest is built during the first few years on earth. Essentially every cell in our body has the memory and ability to kill viruses and germs.

How does one strengthen these cells? For that I would require to dwell upon a bit of scientific concepts. The way to strengthen the immune system is through strengthening the immune system organs. As per modern medicine they are
1. Skin

2. Lymphatic system
3. Spleen, Appendix and Intestines
4. Mucous membrane
5. Bone marrow
6. Blood
7. Thoracic area (tonsils, adenoids and thymus).

Now the majority of us are born with strong above-mentioned organs but the environment is continuously trying to attack us and our body is continuously at war with the internal germs and viruses.
Is there a way to strengthen these organs in modern science?
The answer is NO … However, Ayurveda certainly has a way to strengthen each one of these organs and tissues.Ayurveda clearly believes that the immune system can be strengthened by strengthening the 7/ ​Sapta dhatus (​ tissues ) , ​Rasa​ ( interstitial fluid /

lymphatic fluids ) , ​Rakta​ ( blood) , ​Mamsa (​ muscle ) , ​meda (​ adipose / fat tissues ) , asti (​ bones ) ​majja (​ bone marrow ) and ​shukra ​( reproductory cells ) .This will inturn increase ​Ojas (​ the escene of all these tissues ) which actually helps the body to heal itself and keeps the mitochondrial health going .

During these times thing we are always told to disinfect. Excessive disinfecting makes the immune system worse.
Is disinfecting a solution? ​ At any given point of time your body is being attacked by 8 billion germs, even after disinfecting! I am not asking you to not disinfect but do wash yourself. Once or twice a day is more than enough. Your hands can be washed a few more times depending on the work you do. Do you believe the people who died didn’t wash their hands or use masks? They all did. Do you believe that the modern healthcare system can actually take care of a pandemic ? Do you believe that even a vaccine can improve your immune system ? Now go back to what modern medicine calls the immune system and check whether a vaccine can improve all that . Also have you wondered why the countries that had the best healthcare system had the maximum deaths? People will give you reasons that there were fewer testing facilities in developing nations.

One needs to question the fact that can testing denote whether a person who has got a virus will live or die ?
If the concern is less people being tested then why would the countries who have had more testing facilities have more deaths ? It’s a completely wrong concept. The virus will anyways kill if you have a poor immune system.. This also goes to show a lot about modern healthcare system – that not only is it redundant but all these years it has been saying that the poor countries have poor health ! No its the other way round. The poor countries have much better immune system and much better health than the developed nations even with great so called healthcare systems !!

A vaccine isn’t going to improve your immune system, there are many things that go into strengthening the immune system. The vaccine is just a small part, if your immune system is strong then you should not get any virus or any lifestyle disease . You see, what Ayurvedic methods can do is it can enhance your immune system so that you do not get cold, flu, allergy and even lifestyle diseases. The concept of being “​Disease free for life ​ !!! “. that’s what I am talking about.

As per Ayurveda ​(swasthya)means it keeps a h​ ealthy person healthy and reversing diseases (of the mind, body or both) that manifest in a person.

What is definition ​swathya​ (healthy) as per ayurveda is as follows “समदोष समिनच समाधातमू लया: |
सनामेियमन: वथ इत अभधीयते ||”

Balance in ​dosha (cellular energy ) ​, ​dhatu ( tissues ) agni ( cellular metabolism ) mala ( generation of waste ) and p​ roper functioning of organs along with spiritual as well as mental wellbeing is called as ​swasthya.

As per Ayurveda the key to improving your immune system is to follow a daily routine and to set your biological clock in order. There are several ways to do so and entails a few routines you need to follow everyday.

1. ​Lifestyle:
a.​ Sleep early (improves your melatonin secretion which helps fight diseases) and b.​“ाहेमहुूतउठेत्वथोराथमायषु:|”
wake up early (improves your hormones which improve immune system )
c.​ “अयगम ्आचरेत नयं सजरा म वातहा|

take an oil bath (improves the skin blood and bone health with improved Vitamin D and detoxes lymphatic system) this will also reduce premature ageing, reduce tiredness, nourishes body, brings clarity to eyes, facilitates sound sleep and makes skin healthy.
d. ​do oil pulling (detoxes you and activates the vegus nerve)
e. ​nasya (keeps mucous membranes healthy and drains emotional issues from your mind),
f. ​do Yoga everyday (improves the health of all internal organs and helps keep your body functioning perfectly )

2. ​Diet:​ eat fresh local home cooked foods that are light and only when you are hungry (doesn’t allow toxins to form and is easy on the gut and the entire intestinal health keeping it healthy).
“तमना भोजनगत: च:|”

Concentrating one’s mind on the food while eating. What we think while eating, positive or negative, impacts on our psychology and our digestion and cells .

3. ​Herbs & Rasayan:
“ भोजनाे सदा पयं लवणाकभणम ् |

अिनिदपनं यं िजहाकटवशोधनम ् || ”
Eating fresh ginger and pinch of rock salt before starting a meal is good for health, which will boost digestion, increases the taste in food, and cleans tongue and throat which help in improving digestion and absorption process .
You can take amla, chawanprash ,triphala, Tulsi and ginger kadha . To do all this takes just one extra hour which you need to give yourself which is selfcare. All this if done simultaneously will make sure your immune system can withstand any viral or bacterial pandemic in the future. The above mentioned points like Skin, lymphatic system etc. will all be strengthened by maintaining the lifestyle, diet and herbs. Rasayans in ayurveda can rejuvanate the body and can alter Chromosomal defects !

So the countries with the best healthcare system had the maximum deaths! Its clear that healthcare (I refer to it as sick-care) isn’t going to save you. What will save you is a good immune system which can only be improved by you. Empower yourself and take the power back in your hands! ​Stay disease free for life​!

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