Depression , anxiety , panic attacks …

Nowadays most people face a tremendous amount of mental health issues. People have no idea how to face life and the problems it throws at us. There is only one reason for this. Poor lifestyle, wrong diet, lack of exercise and not following the laws of the universe. Routined life is the only solution!

If you have been following our blog you will know what we mean by poor lifestyle. Sleeping late and waking up late are the first and foremost reason for the cells in our brains to be damaged. So that’s the first thing you need to change … Sleep before or latest by 10 pm … wake up by 5 or latest by 6 .30 am . Our hormonal secretions that are responsible for all your body functions go for a toss if we don’t do that. About food … well the more I talk about it the lesser it is … today people have no idea what is or should be . Quit any kind of packaged food . Packaged food has no bioavailability and hence cannot sustain life or Pranashakti. I have mentioned in several articles in the blog about what exactly can be considered as food. Please take a look at it . Now, about following the laws of nature, one must understand that technology cannot cure our bodies and minds but nature can. Our circadian rhythm varies between 23.5 to 24.5 hours and the earth is 24 hours, so if you keep to the rhythm or reduce it to 23 or 23.5 then you will make more time for yourself ! Einstein mentioned …there is no such thing called time …. and the Vedas mentioned 5000 years ago ” An organism makes its time … or the time of any subject comes from within itself ” … So when you basically wake up at 4 or 5 am or even 5.30 you have more time or you make yourself more time but it does not work if you sleep late. The reason behind it is that the time between 4 to 6 am is when our brains are fresh, our chakras are open and our nadis are functioning at the optimum. That doesn’t happen in the night, so you think slowly and your work will be slower later during the day.

There are several ways to use nature to your advantage and improve your circadian rhythm or the body clock like I mentioned. Once your body clock follows the clock of the universe, then you are in tandem with it. Your energy and universal energy has to match to produce a body mind and soul in perfect health and balance. I hope you are all aware that our entire universe is vibrating … You see we are all made of atoms and molecules. We don’t see the atoms and molecules because they are vibrating constantly at a certain frequency now when you stop the vibration … It’s death. So when you go with the flow of the universe and vibrate at the same frequency of the universe you are healthy as a horse! When your frequency reduces that’s when you start to feel unwell. The only reason being that the Prana or consciousness makes us vibrate at that frequency. So the way to get your vibration up is to main a circadian rhythm, eat more saatvik food or high-frequency diet, do yoga every day, speak the truth and use oil on your body ( every machine works better when oiled )When you do that , your ageing process slows down , you look fresh , your skin and hair radiates with health and your eyes shine with your LIGHT ! Then there is no question of Panic attacks or depression or anxiety . The moment your body is healthy your mind starts to repair itself .

Then you can face anything in life with ease .

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