Dharma – Ethical conduct or cosmic law and order .

We have all Heard about the Polygraph ( Lie detecting machine ) . Do you know how it works ? It measures the effect of disturbance on your brain and blood through hormones when you lie ! So its evident that lying causes disturbances in your Brain , blood and body …. Ayurveda knew this 5000 years ago . Ayurveda teaches the path of fulfillment of individual dharma (Dharma doesn’t mean religion here … In english its loosely translated to religion ! It however is just the opposite , it is about being areligious or secular and means “ ethical conduct “ or cosmic law and order . Even most Indians are not aware of the real meaning . )

As a way to stay healthy – spiritually, psychologically and, of course, physically one must try to follow the laws of the cosmic law and order . Disease strikes when we stray from the course of dharma.( ethical conduct or cosmic law and order ) by either Cheating, lying, stealing, anger , greed , jealousy , hatred , violence, and abuse may fester in us unnoticed by all . Here are the qualities one needs to keep in mind to follow Dharma or ethical conduct or cosmic law and order …

(patience) , (forgiveness) (mental steadfastness or mental strength) ( honesty or integrity or non-stealing) (cleanliness) (restraining of 5 senses) (wisdom) (knowledge)(truth) (staying calm or non-anger)


Lacking in dharma, human beings would quickly self-destruct which is where we all are today …. Every where you see … people are depressed , there are severe mental conditions in common man … everyone is throwing shit at each other … whether on social media or otherwise…..


Ayurveda helps identify the day-to-day  dharma related to our daily routine and lifestyle we follow .

When Ayurvedic dharma injunctions on right living, eating, thinking, sex, livelihood, exercise, sleep, and leisure are followed, one is living a dharmic ( ethical conduct ) lifestyle. This dharmic lifestyle, in turn, protects our life and enhances our physical, psychological, social, moral, and spiritual health. And this, in turn, translates into life-sustaining ojas ( or the Ayurvedic immunity principle inside our body ) . When we do any kind of unethical behaviour then it starts to show in our body and creates problems and ultimately forms toxins and diseases ! Remember that anything unethical ( action or thought ) will remain in a molten state in your consciousness … The Polygraph is evidence enough even if you don’t want to believe this .


The dharma of Ayurveda teaches how self-care is really planet care, and how one healthy unit is the beginning of more healthy units. this health, gained through dharma, is in turn the foundation of a healthy life. When firmly established on the pillars of bodily health, we humans can dare to aspire for the fulfillment of material and spiritual goals. the practice of dharma entails the strategy to not only survive, but also thrive, and that too, excellently so. When dharma ( ethical behaviour ) is violated, both the individual and society are violated, sooner or later and finally the Planet .


Of course ayurveda goes on to say further that when you lead an ethical lifestyle your soul is positively affected and so is the collective consciousness of the planet … this can be evident when one person changes he in turn changes people at home and they in turn change their friends and colleagues and finally it goes on to change the world …. Thats called collective consciousness… Practice ayurveda …. Improve your mind and soul …

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