DNA and good health .

In today’s world, we all believe that we are gifted with good health and great genes  … however, the truth is something else. The western lifestyle and packed food diets are so bad that everyone in the western country’s has lost 50% of their fertility which is wiping out the race!  This generation thinks they don’t need to do anything to maintain their health and try to prevent diseases. Obviously in India our parents and grandparents followed a lot of rules, they slept early, ate at very specific times, used oil every day on their body and head, drank buttermilk, did yoga, meditation and pranayama … these days kids think these are all not so cool and actually shun them! Thanks to the active advertising in the media and a move towards everything western. Those who have been reading the blog are aware of what I am talking about. In case this is the first article you are reading then go ahead and read a few more to understand why all these rules of leading a happy and healthy life are so important. This is exactly what Ayurveda teaches. To way to lead your life and be disease-free for life. Simple things like sleeping early and waking up early can change your universal clock and connect it with the universe, making you healthier while the universal energy runs through you. The cerebrospinal fluid that runs from your spine to your brain actually travels to your brain every night ( when you sleep ) to clean it from all the toxins like negativity and stressful thoughts ( now you know why after a good night sleep you get a solution to what seemed a problem last night or a problem that seemed too difficult last night is no longer an issue) and ceases to cleanse it around 6 am. After that the cerebrospinal fluid does just the opposite, it can create more problems than good! Hence in India, we were always told, children who sleep late become dumb !! This is just one example.

The DNA  the scientists say have one function ie protein exchange. However, that’s only 5% of the story, the scientists or modern science has no idea what the rest of the functions of the DNA. Well, its very clear where in the Vedas the DNA is something which carries information and this information can be fed to the DNA. You see the DNA reacts to sound, light, temperature and So basically you can feed information to your DNA to do and be something. These were called mantras eg: AUM or OM or the Gayatri mantra, these are very powerful sound waves which change the DNA to morph the body and consciousness. That’s how our great Seers or rishis could morph their forms and become something they wanted using mantras. There was an experiment done by Russian scientists where they projected the genetic pattern of a salamander DNA embryo to a frog and the Frog actually converted its embryo to the salamander. In nature, it has been observed when there is a natural disaster the pregnant female monkey can abort itself even if it’s in the last trimester to avoid having that baby by just instructing its body to do so.

Out of all these external stimuli, sound waves and electromagnetic waves are the ones that can affect the DNA and mutate it dramatically. The sound AUM is the most powerful of them all. Try it. If done correctly it will raise the temperature of your body in a few minutes. So when you direct your body to happiness and good health it can do so. How do you do that though… The first and foremost way if to follow the Biological clock and the universal clock. When you do that your body understands you love it and starts to change and show you the benefits in the form of high energy levels, perfect hormones, perfect skin and no diseases .. We need to remember that we are an organism living inside a large living organism called the universe. So if we are not in tandem with the energy of the universe, you cannot be a part of the universe anymore. It would throw you out … that’s why diseases and death are caused.

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