Be healthy from inside and defy age .

The entire world wants external beauty for themselves . However today more than ever , people have a complete convoluted idea about beauty . Thanks to the marketing, advertising industry and the several cosmetic companies for making sure how you should look and feel . Well for starters each one of you should know that you are beautiful and every human is a unique creation by HIM . It entirely depends on the person whether one believes in their own beauty . Once you love yourself accept yourself for what you are and feel beautiful about yourself you have attained beauty . Otherwise we wouldn’t have had normal looking people become celebrities . The world sees exactly what you project ! So if you project that you are beautiful , the world feels the same .

Of course the most important ingredient is self belief , however along with this is an understanding of how to heal your body . When you heal from inside you look good / beautiful with glowing skin , thick healthy hair, fresh eyes and pretty much look younger than anyone your age . The meaning of beauty is how to have all the above even when you are 50 or 70 years old ( Believe me that’s possible ) . Today most people have severe skin issues across the world , many of our patients complain about dull lifeless skin , dark circles , acne , dandruff , eczema , freckles , eruptions , psoriasis , vitiligo to name a few and hair fall is one of the most common issue faced by men and women of all ages .


We all blame it on Pollution !! One needs to understand pollution was there even before the industrial revolution  so the culprit isn’t just that . Though it may be one of the reasons but not so important . Your body knows how to tackle pollution . Volcanoes have caused huge amounts of pollution or during the wars through millennia . During the middle ages and world wars the pollution was high  but it didn’t give people terrible skin and hair ! Today as well there is pollution and your body knows how to take care of itself if you help it . The body is very forgiving .  Most people don’t even know that unless you are beautiful from the inside your body cannot be beautiful from the outside . Or they just don’t understand what that means . You can try your best with as many cosmetic products , do you see any change to your skin and hair after using these products ? You should have become younger , fairer with glowing skin as of now as you are using it since many years ! All it takes is 6 months for your cells to be healthy and glowing if treated naturally, so either the cosmetic product doesn’t penetrate your skin or if it does it doesn’t do anything to your hair and skin .  Like I mentioned before that it should have done some good by now . Both the ways, its of no use  . What you probably see is a little shiny skin till the time the crème is on the body and then back to square one . The first thing that one needs to know is that beauty can come with a healthy mind body and soul , not by using products that too which is nothing but chemicals !!


The first thing one needs to understand is that our skin breathes , absorbs and digests everything that touches it . Then it absorbs whatever is on it into the blood , bones , muscles and cells ! When you have healthy blood , bones , muscles and bone marrow then you start to be beautiful outside . Well let me explain how this works …Do you know how a nicotine patch works ? It’s a patch stuck on your skin from where the entire nicotine is absorbed by your blood !! So anything on your skin is absorbed by your blood as long as the particle size is small enough to penetrate , if not then its useless to just put something expensive on the skin which doesn’t penetrate to improve the 7 layers of the skin and the muscles and bones. Further if it’s a chemical then it can in no way be good anyways . Why use chemicals which can create havoc with your hormones ? Your skin and scalp is the single largest organ which breathes absorbs and detoxes on a regular basis . So help it detox . Later we shall discuss how you can do it .


Now what is aging ? Aging is nothing but an oxidation process of the body . So anything and everything in this universe is aging due to the oxidation and digestion process. Which affects each one of us all the time … since our birth . How does one avoid or reduce the oxidation process of of the body and skin ? While rusting occurs on an iron rod , the oxygen in the atmosphere steals the electron from iron , similarly the oxygen in the atmosphere steals electrons from your body and skin oxidizing it and aging it . So how does one avoid the oxygen to steal the electron from your body ? By coating your skin with a substance which will prevent the oxygen from touching the skin . Its that simple . There is Another way to explain this . Are you aware , if you do not feed your stomach the stomach will digest itself and you will die ! That’s how death happens to a person who hasn’t eaten for weeks . Or to explain easily your skin is constantly under digestion process so if it has nothing to digest it starts to digest itself or the collagen below it . That’s aging . You can give something to the skin everyday like feeding the skin so that it doesn’t digest the collagen causing wrinkles. What is that substance ? OIL !! yes OIL . Oil if coated on your skin everyday before a bath can help to avoid oxidation of your skin and hair . No cosmetic can do that , as most cosmetics have a particle size which is too big for the skin to absorb . How does oil work ? The Oil spreads all over the body and seeps inside your skin , muscle and bones and stays there for more than 6 to 8 hours at least . The skin digests the oil and it nourishes the skin and internal organs . So excessive water while bathing and the oxygen in the atmosphere cannot oxidize your skin and hair .


When you use Oil everyday then your skin starts to feel better healthier and fresh . All the blocked pores get unblocked . You may now say why oil ? Guys the universe has given you sweat for a reason , does the sweat emit crèmes or oil ? Its oil in the sebum so that lubricates your skin , helps it to breathe and detox . So help your skin and hair do that as well. When you do so , you shall start to see dramatic results .

Now which oil ? It can be sesame oil or coconut or mustard oil or olive oil . However out of this Sesame is the best as it has the maximum penetrative power and also increases vitamin D . The sesame oil can penetrate into your blood , bones muscles and help your body detox through capillary effect . This oil has several other benefits like anti aging , moisturizing , sunscreen , anti cancer , anti depressant as it regulates hormones , increases Vitamin D , improves immunity and is anti bacterial. So when you make a prolonged use of sesame oil for almost a year , you shall not only see small benefits like glowing skin but also have less BO and better immunity and healthier internal organs !! Great isn’t it , how something as cheap as sesame oil can give you so much . NO other oil can boast of such qualities. The Ayurvedic oils for the body are sesame oils mixed with herbs which make it even more potent and better for regular use. In fact are you aware a lot of large and premium brands of cosmetics have now introduced facial oil for cleansing !! HA !


The capitalistic world would make you believe that oil is bad and sticky and attracts dirt etc etc … the truth is something else , otherwise you wouldn’t spend money on their products which are so expensive . Use sesame oil everyday 15 mins before your bath from head to toe and see the difference . Even if you have acne , initially the acne will increase , later once your skin has detoxed it will start to get smooth . Enjoy your beauty by using Sesame oil everyday which was called “Abhyangam “. For the hair , use sesame or coconut oil ( not in cold weather ) at least twice a week overnight . Wash off next morning using shikakai and reetha paste .



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