Mind and disease

Mind according to ayurveda cannot be perceived by the sense organs. Meaning the mind cannot be understood by the 5 sense organs …. Mind can only be perceived by its actions. Mind’s action is determined by the quality of the Soul like desire, hatred, comfort, misery, intelligence and effort. These qualities are always stuck to the soul based on the Karma previously done .

Mind functions: Here is a list of the functions of the mind .
Chintya – eg : thinking
Vichara – eg : analyzing, elaborating .
Ooha – eg : guessing, Conduction of information gained from sense organs to intellect.
Sankalpa – eg : determination, dedication
Vyabhicharana – eg : doubt, uncertainty.

When the mind functioning has gone haywire , you will reduce the capacity of one or more of the functions and will increase the capacity of some of the other functions . That can prove dangerous and move you towards delusions ! Do you ever get the feeling sometimes in life that what mattered to you 5 years ago as life and death is no longer of any consequence now . What really has changed ? Your mind and its functions have changed . So you see everything that you do on a regular basis everyday  denotes your future , your dreams and your goals depends on your actions which are perceived by your mind . So don’t you think you should be paying a lot of attention to your mind ?

Cause for disease of the mind:
If you under utilize your sense organs (like not seeing at all, not hearing at all) or over utilize (like looking at very bright objects, hearing loud music,) or miss-utilize (like looking at sharp objects, hearing to weird music etc) causes sense organ disorders. The later is more relevant in todays times .
Similarly, under-utilization of mind – not thinking, not reading, not engaging in obtaining knowledge etc.Over-utilization of mind – excessive thinking, guessing, analyzing too much …..or  Miss-utilization – thinking about unwanted, weird things etc.  causes imbalance of Doshas of Manas (Rajas and Tamas) leading to mental disorders. The mental disorders can be very subtle initially , but it increases with time .

All this is based on what you eat , think and do ( because there is something called satva which denotes all your action and that satva can be altered ( not dramatically increased ) through meditation , proper food , lifestyle and Yoga . No wonder at Samskrt we promise you to be happy healthy and at peace . Satva is basically the ability of the mind to face life !


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