Genetic engineering and your SOUL

As per Genetic engineering the DNA changes ( gene expression ) due to lifestyle choices over generations – so if in 3 generations the children are trained to eat everything which is healthy , their children will do the same . If you are generally healthy and you keep going with the wholesome rituals of daily lifestyle, food and exercise you will correct the genetic lineage for the next generation. Of course you need to pass it to the next generation . This works the other way as well. So if you think you can have a terrible lifestyle , diet and thought process however your kids and the next generation will be better due to some imaginary magic wand … thats not possible … You see how it works is , through your lifestyle food and thoughts you are changing your DNA for the better or worse …. unhealthy bodies and minds cannot have healthy progeny . period !! Thats how genetic engineering works anyways …. take care of yourself and the generations to come ..


Know that your Soul / Spirit whatever you call it can heal you all the time . However you need to help it and give it a chance to heal you . How do you do that ?? If you are have been following our blog then its clear to you on how to eat right , exercise right and also think right . For one please understand that eating is not just to fill your stomach and get nutrition . You need to eat to nourish your soul or spirit as well. Today most people aren’t even aware of what food is good for your soul . For that matter most people don’t know what food is . Comfort food isn’t good for your soul at all ! Period …. Everything is made of energy in this universe . So is the food . The foods that have lighter energy or foods which have higher frequency of vibration is always better . The more you eat foods with higher frequency of vibration which means lighter energy , the more you feed your mind and soul .


We call them sattvik foods . Those include wheat ( Non GM and organic ) , cows raw milk ( unpasteurised and unhomogenised ) , Ghee ( clarified butter made in the traditional route ) , all veggies and pulses ( cooked not raw ) , honey , White butter ( non salted ) , fruits .

Non refrigerated , freshly cooked and unrefrigerated food will definitely have lighter energy .


Such things and more is what you learn from Samskrt lifestyle coach ‘s . Food which will nourish your soul and change your DNA for the better and for the next generation . A wise man has already told us “ you are what you eat “ ! So eat food that nourish your mind , body and soul and change the way you look at life ….. Whatsapp “Yes “ on +91 7045964227. For an appointment with our Ayurvedic Doctors ( Lifestyle coach ) at your home .