Genetics and your mind .

As per Genetic engineering your DNA changes due to lifestyle choices over generations –. If you are generally healthy and you keep going with the wholesome rituals of daily lifestyle, you will correct the genetic lineage for the next generation ,  if you make sure your children do the same then it passes on to the next generation. So if you inculcate good habits of lifestyle diet and exercise in yourself and inculcate the same in your children then their gene expressions should change for the better ( or to make it simpler the way your genes respond to stimuli  itself changes ) This works the other way as well. What you eat and how you feed your kids will be the way that they are programed to take care of their own children and their children’s children. So if you think you can have a terrible lifestyle , diet and thoughts however your kids and next generation will be better … not possible … Through your lifestyle food and thoughts you are altering your DNA ( gene expression ) for the better or worse …. unhealthy bodies and minds cannot have healthy progeny . period !! Thats how genetic engineering works anyways …. take care of yourself and the generations to come .. Now how does one créate better thoughts and a positive mind and thinking whats right?


The mind has the power of creating anything or destroying anything in the universe . That’s how powerful it is . That applies to your universe as well. When I say destroy it can also mean destroy all the problems and negativity in your life . Even if today you want to manifest a happy healthy peaceful and prosperous life , it will have to start with your mind . The first thing one must do is to clean the mind of all the dirt you or your environment has filled in it since childhood , all the conditioning which has been done by your parents , teachers , friends , environment , school , university …. Everyone has been pushing you towards what you are today ( good or bad ) pushing you away from your mind being clean . Today in case you want to manifest anything like I mentioned you need to have a clean body and mind without which its not possible . You have two options , either you change your lifestyle diet and exercise as well as detox your mind body and soul or go through a lot of pain to achieve what you want .


To clean ones mind meditation is a good method . However choose well , in the name of meditation there are a lot of people teaching strange stuff. Meditating is not difficult at all actually . Its about being a child about unbecoming or to unlearn everything the world has taught you till now . That’s the path we all need to take to be able to clean our minds and make progress towards being powerful souls which we are and the main reason we are here on earth . Move towards what we call collective consciousness. When you are a part of that , not only can you not feel pain you can be as powerful as HIM ! All you need is half an hour everyday to cleanse your thoughts and mind of all the filth that’s in it . Meditating doesn’t make you a saint or a sanyasi , it just makes you extreamly strong by which all the problems life throws at you will not affect you as it does today. However there are several ways to meditate and there are a lot of stuff in the market today . Try something which doesn’t suppress thoughts , try the one where you don’t need to keep chanting , try the one that is very simple , try the one where you don’t need to concentrate on anything . It has to be that simple . Then you will see how simple it is to listen to your heart . When you listen to your heart you are always right and you are moving towards happiness.

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