Marathons are unhealthy

Most people are delusional about their own life

When we meet our customers , its surprising that they aren’t in good health but  most of them say

“ Yes i exercise regularly “

“ yes i meditate once in a while “

“ No I don’t eat junk food so often “

“ No I don’t have constipation “

“ Yes I drink a lot of water “

“ I do eat healthy food “

“ I sleep for 8 hours am not depriving my body of sleep “

“ I do yoga every week “

“ I do a Little bit of pranayam sometimes “


Somehow the minds of humans are so habitual to what they do and think that they start to become delusional and their own minds keep fooling them .

So if you are doing everything correct why is that you still don’t feel good and aren’t able to face life ?

Here is what they mean or when we probe this is what we get to know later !


“ Yes I exercise regularly “ / “ I do Yoga everyday “– Most people are under the impression that if they exercise on the weekends or three times a week its good enough . Some of them are cool with a walk for 5 minutes every night after dinner !! They think thats exercise … Well thats what modern methodology of thinking and what a lot of run of the mill gym trainers and articles in the media have lead you to believe . That is definitely not exercising . What exercise actually means is to do it everyday without fail . Do what you are doing everyday at the same time . Make sure you walk everyday ( among all the cardios this is the safest , doesn’t ruin your knees and also is free and balances the doshas in your body as per ayurveda meaning every time you walk it leads to reducing your chances of getting diseases ) . If you love running , do a short sprint for 400 to 800 m everyday and then walk for 20 mins . Most people have no idea what Yoga is as well. Doing a few kapalbhati and anulomb vilomb ( these are 2 most common yoga and pranayaam steps ) will do nothing for you, and thats not Yoga ! You need to spend sometime doing it , at least 15 to 20 mins .


“ Yes I meditate once in a while “ – Most people think meditation is nothing but doing a few breathing exercise and sitting in one place and chanting AUM 10 times or doing some chanting … Thats also not Meditation . The day you start to meditate everything in your life has to change and everyone around you too in a span of just a week or so . So we need to convince people how meditation is actually done and the fact that its not difficult at all , the fact thats its not about chanting … the fact that its not about supressing thoughts … the fact that meditation is only about being … something which we have all forgotten .


“ I don’t eat junk food often “ / “ Yes I eat healthy Food “ . Initially we took the statements for granted and wondered why is the medication working slowly ! Then after probing we realize that some people believe that eating junk food once everyday is ok , some feel that eating junk food twice a week is fine . Some believe that eating in a good restaurant ( could be a pizza or pasta or burgers or french fries or cup cakes or puffs or a regional junk foods does not add up to junk food ! ) We have to educate all of them firstly that eating out is junk in itself . Yeah coz not a single cook in a restaurant who is cooking for 500 people in a day actually would think of washing the veggies or the meat as they would do it for their own family . Would they ? Stale and refrigerated food is another possibility when you eat out . Most of the generic and cheap ingredients are used to make up a good looking and tasty dish … if you think the food is all fresh then you are fooling yourself !! Also here is a test … why not try eating out everyday for a month and see . If its good you should be feeling good right ? You are bound to ruin your health if you continue even for a week . Also the idea of junk food is so skewed in the minds of people today . People don’t believe a pasta or a pizza or a Burger or a sandwich eaten outside is junk . Most people would actually buy a packed noodle and throw in a few veggies and believe that they have made a healthy meal or a home cooked pasta ! Well , the Pasta needs to be fresh and made of whole wheat ( Go to an Italian village home and they will make you fresh pasta .Thats not junk , thats good healthy food ) . What you buy from the super market can be junk though if made from Refined flour and obviously doesn’t have fresh ingredients . Guys please understand that if you think putting in preservatives , chemicals and artificial ingredients in your body once a while is fine and it would get flushed out , thats not going to happen . As these chemicals are fat soluble and would enter your cell walls and affect your cells . After a point of time these cells would fail to function properly making you sick /obese /cancerous /diabetic / depressed / panic attacks / have different skin diseases to say the least . These chemicals need to be flushed out of the system and only ayurveda can do it as these toxins are not water soluble . However if you continue eating garbage your body shall look like a dustbin and feel like one !


“ I don’t have constipation “ Most people think constipation means hard stools and not using the bathroom in the morning . Well you are in for a surprise . As per ayurveda even if your stools are hard or soft but the need to push stools out is constipation . An impaired digestion is constipation , the fact that you get a feeling that stools are still inside means you have constipation . Even if you have soft stools and you have to push means you have constipation ! Yes of course hard stools definitely means constipation however these are the other signs of constipation as mentioned above . Constipation can be the reason for several health problems as we have seen in many of our patients including obesity , some cancers , parkinsons , acidity , recurrent colds ,skin diseases , headaches , eye problems , prostrate problems , heart problems , irritability , depression !


“ Yes I drink a lot of water “ Yeah maybe you do however what kind of water and how much ? Most people need to be reminded these days to drink water ( How funny is that …) the capacity of our brains have diminished so much ! There are apps to do that ! Thats hilarious . How can the app know when you feel thirsty ? The need to drink depends on the need of the body . Every body is different , every body needs different amounts of water and food . Too much of anything is bad , even water … when you drink too much water your body can react in funny ways . Everybody doesn’t need 8 glasses of water everyday ! Every time you are thirsty and when you pass yellow urine these are signs that you need water or if you are just parched .


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