Don’t freeze and kill your food !

Here is one topic which may cause a lot of discomfort . After reading most people would say yes its great but its not possible … really ?  My wife has made it possible in spite of having a full time job , doing her PhD , managing two teenage kids and a husband . So you are either plain lazy or don’t care about your family’s health …  Any man or woman can make it possible .   Does your body really benefit in any way with food which is refrigerated ? Well thats for you to decide after Reading this . The whole world today has moved to refrigerated food … As its convenient . Here is what happens to your food when refrigerated …

1.All foods like our body is made up of cells and cellular structures . The cell walls burst as water expands on freezing and the cell contents are spilled out ( you cannot see them as its in the microscopic level ) due to the internal water expansion on refrigeration . Hence in sometime the cell’s life is completely lost. So its actually dead food that you eat !!! Or it has no “ Pranashakti
2. Oxidation occurs soon after this when air reaches the frozen foodstuff ( you keep opening and closing the fridge )  hence nutrients are also lost . So basically there is very little food value left at all after a point of time .

In addition to bursting the cell walls of foods and allowing oxidation to occur, two other things happen:

  1. When the cells burst, certain of their organelles release self-destruct enzymes called lysosomes. While these enzymes are not active during freezing (and some are even destroyed), those which remain intact will speedily decompose the cell contents upon thawing. So till it is refrigerated it looks fine . On thawing we quickly put it in the pan , Little do we know the food is about to die soon ! Lysosomes are in cells for the purpose of destroying the dead cells so the dead cells will not create problems for the organism itself .
  2. Whether oxidized or deranged by its own lysosomes, dead cells become soil for bacteria and fungi when the temperature becomes favorable again—bacteria are active from  just above freezing up to temperatures around 160 degrees F or 70deg C.
    Oxidation of burst cells is the foremost cause of food deterioration during frozen storage. Frozen foods never taste as good to an unperverted palate as their fresh counterparts, even if no additives and pre-freezing treatments are employed. The processing and treatments make it worse due to the chemicals used.  This is, due to their deterioration while frozen or otherwise.
    While microorganisms such as bacteria are also inert during freezing, they become active just as soon as they are thawed. Also microorganisms aren’t killed during the freezing process but are just inactive !

Frozen foods, once removed from the freezer, decompose much more rapidly than fresh foods , in fact around 10 times faster . This is called the half life of any refrigerated food . And thats plain physics . As mentioned, this is because of the bursting of the cell walls of the food when its own water expands and because of the subsequent decomposition through oxidation, self-destruct lysosomes and the final cleanup crew, bacteria…

We of course use refrigerators on a regular basis . Since we are so used to it . Well again health is a matter of choice . A choice you make to keep yourself  and your family healthy .

The industry will of course tell you another story …. on how its better to refrigerate to reduce moulds and bacteria and store them and keep them fresh etc … better for whom ? thats the question !!


What must one do then ? well for starters start eating freshly cooked warm food , remember our parents and ancestors did just that and they were healthier . Doesn’t mean we become medevial but just be more careful of what you eat . You can still use the refrigerator judiciously if you want , however I wouldn’t recommend using it at all . Atleast start somewhere . Please do not cook for 7 days at a go and keep the stuff refrigerated ! Thats dead food you are feeding your family . Try cooking everyday and every meal. In case you cook in the morning the food has some life up to sunset . After that the food doesn’t really have much in it . Reheating food isn’t healthy at all as it kills it , you would rather have the food cold . What you can do is to cook lunch ( and pack it ) and dinner as you have time to do that . Also no one stops you from getting groceries only for the next day do they? Its also good exercise . Both of you ,  husband and wife can take turns at it to keep yourself and your children healthy .


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