Lost everything ? exercise , meditate , eat well …. helps to keep you sane .

There comes a time in every humans life … when you lose your perspective . You lose everything you have worked for . You see no light at the end of the tunnel. This is LIFE’s way of saying you need to change course of your life . You need to be flexible . You need to change your perspective towards life ! Well not most but all of us get terrified when something like that happens . The key is to stay calm …easier said than done ! So here is a simple solution . The solution is inside you so you need to take that out . The only way to do that is to go deep inside yourself and get in touch with your soul .

There are various ways to do that , however the simplest probably for me is to eat well ( pl see the body section for what kind of diet , however light diet is always good . Simple vegetarian diet ) Exercise ( walk , climb stairs , jog a little , swim … twice a day . Apart from this YOGA will benefit a lot  ) and finally the best of all … meditate … meditate … meditate !

Every time you feel stressed just go for a walk close to nature . This is the best possible thing you can do to calm your mind and connect with your soul. Sometimes we find ourselves in the strangest situation and in the strangest place … go with it, embrace it, saying ‘yes’ to it all, because this is the way to a new life. Do your best to remember that nothing is ever wrong, and the only thing that can make you believe otherwise is your fear-based mind. You already know how to rise above that kind of experience, by opening your heart and centering your Self there. Sooner or later you’ll begin to understand that sometimes the weirdest experience can deliver you to the most significant opportunity you could hope for. Take time  to reset your Self by meditating , yoga and eating well. Be still and allow everything to be as it is… no fighting it, no struggle at all.

Sometimes a complete letting go allows your most treasured dreams to come to life.

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