Marathons are unhealthy

Marathons the new unhealthy !

Marathons and running the new trend which is catching up globally thinking its good for health is something to discuss and hence I thought I must write just like I did for heavy weight training . You see ayurveda says overexercising is as bad as not exercising if not worse . Now what is overexercising ? As a matter of fact running everyday for 10 kms renders you to being more unhealthy than the couch potato ! Here is an interesting link . As per ayurveda  too much running increases vata dramatically causing anxiety , heart attacks , joint and back pain , depression , constipation , piles even chances of strokes .

Too much of anything is bad . So you may ask what is good exercise ? WALKING !! walk as much as you want , our legs are meant for walking not running 20 kms a day . You can do short runs ( 2 to 5 kms ) 3 days a week . Walk twice a day for 45 mins each time . Do surya namaskars and yoga everyday 24 to 36 numbers . SWIM , do some treking in the forest ,Climb stairs , do push ups , pull ups or chin ups and see yourself getting healthy and fit . Suryanamaskars and climbing stairs will give you the flat stomach . Please a 6 pack isn’t healthy ! You need to eat ghee and milk and butter . Eating fat is necessary for people who work out everyday . Not high protein but a little extra good fat is what you need !

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