Myths and misconceptions flower

Myths and misconceptions

About time we talk about myths and misconceptions about Ayurveda created by the pharma cos and modern medical system !

The myths around ayurveda is all created by the modern medical system and the media ( hand in glove ) … a lot of patients have such wrong ideas about Ayurveda but it’s funny they never question those dangerous chemicals they consume in the name of medicine !! And only 5% of Ayurvedic medicines is purified nano metals .. the rest 95% is simple and complex formulations of herbs !

Here are a few links for you to understand what exactly is Rasaaushdhies and Bhasmas ( the meaning of bhasma in sanskrit is burnt ash … so if metals are burnt into ash wont the chemistry change ?) which is a misconception among people thanks to the pharma cos . Also more so because allopathy has no idea about nano medicines nor do they understand the technology behind it .

I would request anyone to show 1 case of death due to heavy metals or Ayurveda medication globally Just 1 now let me show you a million deaths due to allopathy in every hospital. Please understand that there are millions dying globally today and all of them are due to allopathy and not Ayurveda . Please read this article in the below link … this is a book on the number of deaths only in the US …

Everyday there are millions of people dying due to surgery , wrong medication , poor diagnosis , side effects of allopathy . However do u ever see a single article in any newspaper ? Do you or anyone wonder how many people actually come out of ICUs ? Thankfully corona was a game changer and globally people have started to move towards alternative medicines .

In fact a lipstick , contains more lead than any ayurvedic medicine!! . Most of what you have heard is from the media and pharma nexus … sorry but that is the truth .

Every food you eat , water you drink has heavy metals in them ! across the globe … that’s why it’s important to gather knowledge first !

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