Research and statistics are they really true ?!

We see every article today which wants to prove a point saying ” As per a recent research ” … I just move ahead and say ” Really ? “Have you ever asked this question ? Have you ever thought that maybe … just maybe it could be fake ? Have you ever asked how many deaths have occurred across the world due to conventional  medicines or hospitalization ? Today you may or may not  be  aware that anyone can actually  put in a fake report or statistics up on google and most of you would think its true . Try doing it yourself . Forget google , there are several cases of large Pharmaceutical  cos putting up fake research and records and getting away with it . There are so many billions of dollars in lawsuits where the large US and UK giants had to pay to family’s of the deceased . Well now you will say what about the FDA ? Well thats another joke . Try finding out how many times have FDAs covered up deaths or frauds by Large Pharmaceutical Companies especially in  the US . There are ways to google you see . Example try to google  ” Is drinking water good for you ” or ” Is drinking water bad for you ” . You shall get results for both . Its what your mindset is all about and what you want to find out. Why not question everything you read and use a little common sense . Please question what I write here as well !  Do some research yourself before believing everything you hear or watch . Not everything  is always true .

Do you know how many pharma products have failed and have been taken back in the last 15 years ?  For starters it may appear only 35 after reading the article in the first link.. however the truth is otherwise . These are some shocking facts . Feel free to go through these links and then decide for yourself whether you want to believe in what the industry tells you and wants you to believe or you want to question it . Sometimes of course Google does regurgitate stuff like this !

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And then this video which will definitely shock you to your wits ! This is the Merck Pharma  from US , this is not the Merck KGAa Germany .

The first two links are about the medicines taken back in the last few years after being approved by the US FDA . The third link is very disturbing which talks about the number of deaths due to various reasons including medicines , hospitalizations etc. All I can say here is anything natural cannot do harm to you as much as chemicals and synthetic stuff does. The choice is yours entirely. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you always have a choice . Choose natural Choose Ayurveda . It has been here for 5000 years and modern medicine for the last 350 years maybe lesser  . The media and industry would want you to believe a lot of things with so called research and statistics , here is an example of the same statistics applied to the industry . Does Truth really require proof , research and statistics … Your health is in completely your hands . Not the governments and not the industry’s . Choose wisely .

You know what ? Most people prefer lies and deceit and will crib rather than do something about it . Thats human nature or rather the nature of weak and mentally diseased humans .

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