ayurvedic skin treatment

SKIN HEALTH AND AYURVEDA ( the hidden causes of cancer )

Normally I dont write much about skin health here.. however i had to because i see the way dermatologists recommend dangerous chemicals which are carcinogenic to women everyday frankly today women use colour cosmetics hair dyes sunscreens perfumes and all kinds of skin enhancing products which eventually increase the instances of breast and skin cancer in them !!

the korean skin regime ? skin cancer has increased by 40% in Korea since these skin regimes and chemicals used on face .

what ayurveda says : use anything on skin which you can consume or eat … nothing you cannot eat should be applied on skin !! Put a nicotine patch on your skin what happens ? it gets absorbed in the blood …. so nothing other than milk ghee butter… oils … this is what makes the skin detox healthy blemish free … not even soaps … let alone these dangerous chemicals being used retinol salicylic acid benzene products sunscreens serums cremes etc now about the sun ? the sun is our friend not enemy… without the sun you wont live … using sunscreens and ingesting vitamin d tablets is the biggest joke … the sun doesnt cause damage your poor lifestyle and diet does .. your addictions do !

The picture is of shatadhauta ghrita or 100 times washed ghee .. which can heal anything and is the best natural product your skin loves … wake up and use only nature to heal your skin … oh and by the way if you consume alcohol cigarettes drugs and eat junk food and expect the skin to be in good condition it wont !! our skin is the largest organ of our body and is used to detox in the form of sweat and oils … to help it detox use oil on your body not cremes .. to reduce marks and blemishes eat clean use natural and do yoga …. all chemical interventions and products are absorbed into your lymphatic system which then enters your blood causing cancers ! period…

also always remember.. anything good takes time any thing bad or evil is fast … now you decide what you want for your skin !