Sleeping after 10 pm will make you ugly ,old ,angry ,fat and impotent !

The toughest lifestyle change that we need to fight for with all our patients is sleeping early ! Most people think sleeping at 12 or 2 am is normal in this age of TV , social media ,and whats app . No its not !!  This is the sleep pattern only in the last 40 years of human life . Moreover most people stay so late in the office that it’s a ridiculous lifestyle and is shocking . I tell people that you can go to the office at 8.30 am and leave at 5.30 or 6 ( that’s 10 hours ) . Beyond that if you are still in the office then you are either being overworked or you are inefficient . Mostly during office hours you are probably chatting or on social media . Or you want to impress your boss by staying late rather than showing results . You ask them and they will say ” Oh its just not possible !” I am so busy . Its stylish to be busy , but its sadly not stylish to be healthy in mind body and soul. When the same person gets cancer or Parkinsons  in a few years like our patients , it just becomes possible in one day !  Its not about not having time , its about being a machine and doing what people think is right and what the world wants us to do… A human changes only when they see the face of death . Its just that we are slaves of our habits until then .

About sleeping late I don’t blame them , since this is probably what their parents have  taught them or the environment . Today we see a lot of articles on how intelligent people sleep late , so called studies done or so called research and statistics which means nothing at all ( have you ever asked or seen what research this is ) and only helps in misleading people especially the young generation . The young generation believe that everything on google and wiki is true ! What they don’t know is that wiki and google are created by humans . Opinionated humans , who have given their perception to what they think is right . Here is how sleeping late actually affects you . Firstly get this straight , you become anxious , nervous , age faster and become fat , ugly and impotent if you sleep late regularly . Even one day of sleeping late can have severe adverse effects forget about doing it every day . Try not to sleep for three days and see for yourself …Let us see why and how .

You see the need for sleep is not just for the body , its for the mind and soul as well. When you sleep you connect with the universe . You let pure cosmic energy  pass through you . For a human to survive we constantly need the cosmic energy or energy of consciousness to pass through us for regular functioning of the body and mind . So don’t wear a socks to sleep ever ! Also if you use oil on your head and little ghee ( clarified butter ) below your feet , the energy can pass through easily . Here is what happens when you don’t sleep on time . The melatonin secretion stops in your pineal glad . Melatonin is a hormone responsible for your immune system , sleep , brain health , prevents diseases like Parkinsons , diabetes ,cancer and a lot more . Lack of Melatonin secretion everyday can make you really sick in a very short span of time . Another thing is that the CNS ( central nervous system ) runs from the spine into your brain and the fluid all around the spine and brain is the  CNS fluid or is  called cerebro spinal fluid . This fluid protects the brain and the spine from external injury , however what modern medicines fails to understand is that this fluid also nourishes and cleanses your nervous system that entirely runs in the cerebrospinal area . So its extremely important that your CSF ( cerebro spinal fluid ) rushes into your brain every night as soon as it gets dark . Now the fluid cant do much during the day in terms of cleansing . So no amount of sleep during the day ( after 6 am ) will do any of the cleansing work . So the earlier you sleep the more your nervous system is nourished . Your nervous system is responsible for all the functions of your body , mind ,  all your movements  , hand body eye coordination , digestion process , everything basically . Even your ageing process and your thought process. So its the conduit that carries electric impulses without which your body ceases to function . When you sleep the CNS fluid rushes from the spine to the brain flooding it to detox all the negative thoughts , and toxins accumulated in your brain and nervous system . That’s why it is said , sleep over a problem and you always feel refreshed for the same thing that caused anger or nervousness the previous day  . This refers to  any situation or problem in life. Sleep is like an elixir you see .


Most kids today think 8 hours sleep is enough ! Yes of course that’s right but at what time ? If you stay awake in the night and sleep through the day , that does nothing to de stress you . That’s why we see so many kids today with very poor health today. Most of them have a body of a 50 or 60 year old . One needs to sleep by 8 or 9 , today most people find it impossible , well I don’t . My Kids have slept at 9.30 pm all their lives , now in their teens we sleep by 10 latest  . So the latest you need to sleep is by 10 pm . In many countries children are off to bed by 7 or 7.30 ( mostly Europe ) Most people who sleep late are in a state of daze and hence cannot follow anything nor can they solve anything when it comes to problems in their life . These people have no control over their emotions . Proper lifestyle and sleep will increase the size of the brain and improve brain functioning . Today most people sleep at any time ( 12 , 1 , 2 am !) thats why  the increase in Panic attacks , depression and mental disease among the young . The sooner you and your  kids sleep the more intelligent  you and they will be  and not vice versa ! Your productivity would actually increase as well at work if you sleep on time and wake up early .


In fact sleeping late will start to make you wrinkly on the face faster than people who sleep on time . Why ? GH or growth hormones is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland  that regulates the cell division and protein synthesis necessary for normal growth. This  increases the rate of cell division and protein synthesis in growing tissues, mobilizes stored fats, and limits glucose production. When you have proper cell division , reduction of fats , improved tissue replacement then your ageing process slows down . The vice versa  causes  aging , gives you dark circles , dull and lifeless skin and hair , increase hair fall , move you towards Obesity  as well as poor hormonal secretion which will result in  reduction in sperm count in men and PCOS in women . Now you decide whether sleeping is possible at 10 pm or not … Its your choice to be healthy young and smart . Later do not say ” Why me !” and blame God for what happened to you . Remember its Karma . However the best part the body can heal itself . Call us we will show you how .

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