Universe , Karma and you !

We all want to understand how the universe works … for this knowledge of quantum physics is needed  …If you see the universe we have what we call the macrocosm and microcosm ….This is how its explained …Just like a drop of water is complete and so is the ocean ( they both are water )  … Take some water away and yet it’s still water …It’s a collection of the same complete thing … Water ! Similarly we are the microcosm which is a part of the macrocosm ( we are all energy ) … You are a part of the universe and The entire universe is in you , so you are the universe ….

That is compete , this is complete , from complete has emerged the complete , after taking complete away from the complete what remains is also complete “ – quoted from the Isha Upanishad

That’s the infinite universe for you… And you are the universe !!


Similarly each cell of your body contains everything that your gross body has , like intellegence and memory , visual capacity , capacity to understand and comprehend , capacity to absorb and eat , capacity to feel , capacity to metabolize and capacity to excrete or eliminate … Every cell of your body is the collection of all these attributes , which is the same as your gross body . Or Vice versa your body is a collection of a few billions of these cells which have the same attribute that forms a human body.Hope I am being clear here .

Now …Our soul / spirit is a part of us which evolves through karma ( good or bad ) . The Karma which is nothing but action has an equal and opposite reaction …. The same happens inside our body and mind as well. Whatever you think or eat and do is stored in the collection of memory of each cell in a molten state . These actions are also Karma which is nothing but the “ memory of Life “ . These Karmic patterns forms our intentions and actions as well. If this is negative , meaning if you eat food which has no life ( junk food ) , think negative thoughts ( e.g : fear , jealousy , greed , anger ) and do things which affect people negatively ( give pain , sadness or unhappiness to others ) the cells in turn also get negative energy . It stays in your cellular structure and slowly becomes a part of your DNA and you pass it on to the next generation as well , as your sperms and ova contain all the memories as well ! So when you have healthy cells and a healthy thought process only then can your karma be clean and only then can you heal your mind body and soul / spirit . These are all interlinked. ….


Scientists now are recognizing links between functions of our brain, cellular memory and karmic patterns of behavior that we are born with. Our cells contain DNA which contains the karmic blueprint for the complete design of our physical emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Our cells remember all of who we have been in past lives ( due to its link with the soul which carries Karmic information ) and all that has been in this life right up to the present day including the fear patterns that were developed over many lifetimes.

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