Genetic engineering and beauty

Genetic engineering DNA ( gene expressions ) changes due to lifestyle choices over generations –If the child is generally healthy and you are generally healthy and you keep going with the wholesome rituals of daily lifestyle, you will correct the genetic lineage for the next generation. This works the other way as well. What you eat and how you feed your kids will be the way that they are programed to take care of their own children and their children’s children which will be programmed the same way . So if you think you can have a terrible lifestyle , diet and thoughts however your kids and next generation will be better … thats not possible … Through your lifestyle food and thoughts you are changing your DNA for the better or worse …. unhealthy bodies and minds cannot have healthy progeny . period !! Thats how genetic engineering works anyways …. take care of yourself and the generations to come ..


What is the true meaning of beauty one might ask ? It simply means you are beautiful from within and that reflects on your skin ( Glowing , no acné , no dark circles , no wrinkles until you are 50 and no dark spots ) , thick healthy hair and a healthy scalp , proper weight right for your height and age , thats true beauty . Along with this a beautiful mind which thinks positive and a smiling face . All these parameters add up to a person being good looking . This obviously is achievable only when your physical and mental health is balanced. When you attain this kind of beauty you also pass it on to the next generation . So making sure to eat food with pranashakti , sleep on time , take an oil bath everyday and exercise everyday. That is one way to keep your beauty intact and pass it on to the next generation .


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