What is ayurveda ?

Ayurveda is the highest form of healing which was in india for the last 10000 years . The meaning of ayurveda is the ” knowledge of life “. When Ayurveda was truely practiced and was at its peak most indians lived upto the age of 200 or more . These are recorded in our scriptures . That was when the whole world looked at india as a country which had the knowledge ¬†wealth and health . The Chinese learnt Ayurveda and took it to their country modified it to an extent and made chinese traditional medicine . Most of Ayurveda was lost due to the Mughal Portuguese Dutch and British rule in india for 500 years . Most of the books have been burnt or taken away to the West. Thats the history , however for more than 9000 years it was practised and people lived healthy and very long lives .

Ayurveda is not just about herbal medicine . In fact its mainly about Lifestyle ( Dinacharya and Rutucharya ) – the way you routine your day and seasons and put yourself in tandem with the frequency of the universe . Its about Diet and each type of food is classified in terms of its properties just like that and when ingested . Its more important to know then properties of foods when ingested . Ayurveda is also about medicines ( herbal and rasa aushadhies – rasa aushdhies are about nano medicines made from metal complex ) Out of these more then 90% of the medicines are based on herbs and just 10% of the medicines are based on Rasa aushdhies . these rasa aushdhies are used for a certain period and are all treated and they become compounds which cannot be absorbed in the body but goes out after the job is done . The modern medical system does not understand and brings down ayurveda by saying it contains heavy metals which is a complete lie . In fact I have written this before that if one checks the number of deaths per year due to hospitalisation side effects of chemical medicines and surgeries its more than 200000 just in the US in one year ! ( source : death by medicine ) . Well Corona was an eye opener when more than a million people died globally and all in hospitals , not a single death at home . Then comes Panchakarma ( detox of the body ) which is various forms by which the mitochondria can be renewed again so that they perform at their optimum . FInally there is Rasayan chikitsa which is after cleansing the cells or mitochondria all the chromosomal defects are then taken care of and the disease reversed so that the body goes back to how it started when it knew how to heal itself .So we get the cell memory back which it forgets when there is a build up of toxins in the system which eventually lead to diseases . However whats even more interesting is the final aspect which is behavioural therapy or ” achaar rasayan ” where if an individual goes as per Dharma ( rightousness ) then there is no sickness no need of any medicine !!

AYURVEDA clearly says When you make food your medicine then you wont need any medicine !

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