why do get cancer

Why do we get cancer ?

Cancer cells are nothing but accumulation of cells which have not followed the process of apoptosis which is the regular function of the body . Cellular biologists study this topic on a regular basis just to understand how do cells behave . What is apoptosis ? Apoptosis is the destruction of cells or death of cells and removal from the body which is a normal procedure which takes place every 9 months in your life . When the body knows how to dispose off these dead cells through the normal process of excreting it out of your system then you are healthy . Its only when these apoptosis process goes haywire thats when the cell division of these mutated cells and malignancy begins . Now one must think why the regular process of apoptosis has gone for a toss . It does only when your body doesn’t function optimally and your immune system has gone for a toss . Moreover the way your body manages waste and signals the dead cells to exit the body isn’t functioning properly . When does that happen ? when there is a lot of toxin built up in your body and when the toxins and poisons cant go out of your system confusing the body of its regular process of functioning . Now this every cellular biologist will agree . Now is there a system in allopathy by which the immune system can be improved ? NO … is there a way allopathy knows how to send signals to the body to regulate the waste management system ? NO !! whats done is only kill the cancer cells . What about the root cause ? thats why more than 50% of the patients get it back within a short span unless their immune system is taken care of . The immune system is quite a complex system which consists of various parts and organs  of the body . One also needs to understand that the mind plays a very important part in cancer . A lifetime of negativity can cause a lot of damage to our cells and our DNA !

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