Ayurveda – the Karma healer !

The reason Ayurveda still survives after 5000 years is because it is so diverse in terms of how it heals a person . The  basic concept is very different from conventional methods. We treat the patient or organism and not the disease , there is a reason why . Every human body and mind is different from one another ( remember our DNA s are all different ) also the reasons for getting a single disease can be varied , so how can the cure be the same ! That’s basic common sense . I may get lung cancer because of a certain reason like smoking and my neighbor may get lung cancer because of gene mutation . So how can the cure be the same . As per allopathy it would be chemotherapy but that wont remove the root cause , so the disease would come back again sooner or later . In both these cases the cure needs to be very different and removed from its root cause . I don’t know if you are all aware that today many people die of Chemotherapy than cancer itself .


Disease is nothing but Karma . All the Karma ( poor lifestyle , poor diet , no exercise , wrong thoughts etc ) you have created before is showing up as disease . The soul plays a very important part in the healing process of your body and mind . Ayurveda completely believes that unless you heal the mind , body and the soul , you cannot be healed completely . You need to create an environment in you so that it helps to heal the body . In many of our Patients especially people who are taking just a preventive lifestyle from our Lifestyle Coach’s we realized that although they are healthy right now , disease has started to manifest in them and will show up after a decade or so in the blood , so even if you tested your blood today it wouldn’t show any symptoms. Also if you think that in youth I can do what I want and nothing would happen to me , it would definitely show up 20 years later in the form of a disease . There is no going anywhere from the Karma you have created for your mind and body. So the mind body and soul needs to be cleansed to change the Karma of a person.


We give people several techniques to heal their soul. One of the best ways is to meditate on a regular basis , there are several ways to meditate , you can choose what is comfortable to you . However meditation alone doesn’t help , you need to detox your body and mind on a regular basis . One way to detox your mind is to behave in a certain way . Its called “ achaar rasayan “ or Behavioural medicine . Ayurveda teaches people that if you think you can get away with lying then think again , People who lie more than 2- 3 times a day on a regular basis or say one big lie which can affect someone in a very acute way will cause tremendous amount of negativity in their own body via their own consciousness. We all know that You get what you sow , meaning whatever you throw at the universe comes back to you. Do you know how that works ? When you throw lies and deceit to the universe It doesn’t come back as lies it comes back as Karma in the form of guilt and disease as guilt is stored in every cell of your body!! That could be a simple flu to hormonal imbalance to even aches and pains or lifestyle diseases like HT , Diabetes or even Cancer . The same goes with jealousy , greed , hatred and anger . All these negative emotions cause tremendous amounts of pain to your own mind and body . There have been several research done by modern science on this and they have agreed to this concept but have no explanation why this happens . Be an observer yet do not get involved in all the negativity around is what we have been told always in our scriptures. There are several methods to practice and do that


  1. Follow an ayurvedic lifestyle “ Dinacharya “ or circadian rhythm as the conventional medical professionals call it these days . Follow a routined life , although that may seem boring its actually freedom as it gives you sound health . Wake up early , go to sleep early , eat at stipulated times and don’t believe that anyone who is partying once a week for 10 years will be healthy all his life . Well you can party maybe once a month or two . Then detox yourself ( There are various natural medicines or herbal medicines for that ) Routine is the freedom to good health . Do just a few things everyday for an hour every morning to keep you healthy all your life is what we say . Good thoughts and happiness gives our body mind and soul the energy it needs to be disease free . By doing this you start to heal your Karma !
  2. Meditate . Meditate . Meditate . ( I don’t think I need to say much about this ) early morning is good , however you can do it anytime anywhere .
  3. Learn to be grateful for everything in life . Remember everything HE has given you is enough to be happy . Be ambitious and think of manifesting materialistic things but don’t be attached to it . Meaning even if you lose all the materialistic things it shouldn’t matter to you , because you can manifest more of it again . You are so powerful that you are the only being in the earth that can manifest matter . So keep manifesting yet keep away from being too attached to them . Its not like if you lose your Job or house today and your car you are dead and need to commit suicide ! You can stay in a rented house and take the public transport and always get another job. We don’t like being judged by people right , thinking what would people say? Why would you care if your status has changed ? Get up and start walking … maybe what is to come is far far better than what has gone  …every child falls … but still gets up and walks again … If the small child would think like adult humans we would never be walking !! So be like the child ….The world can go to hell if they think of you differently . At least you would know who your real friends are then , right ? Take care of yourself always . Remember its never the end of the world … NEVER .


We teach this and more to people who take the Samskrt lifestyle . Feel free to connect with us and book an appointment with our lifestyle coach’s ( Specially trained ayurvedic doctors ) by sending a whats app message “ YES “ on +91 7045964227.