Your Habits , your Karma , your Soul !

Humans are all slaves of their habits !  We all have theories and fantasies, opinions and beliefs which we are very fond of . Most of all our habits which we have acquired over the years …They become the building blocks of our identity. We define ourselves by the notions we subscribe to and the philosophies we reject and refuse to accept . Yet still, when we try to spell out the facts, we function largely in the realm of our imagination and make belief which we have created over the years of upbringing , environment and what we read and formed opinions of …. to understand how to know how the universe works ,  just learn to unlearn everything … everything !!


The Soul being the only truth ,  one needs to connect as much as possible with the Soul / spirit . When you connect with your soul , you connect to HIM and you connect to every human on this planet ! In fact every soul is HIM anyways . So how can anyone be different from another in terms of the basic nature . Everyone is Divine . Its just the mind playing games with you .. The more you learn to listen to the softer voice rather than the loud voice the more you are at peace …. . So who are we to judge , everyone does something which they feel is right .based on their values and environment . Just leave things to KARMA ! When you do that , your soul or spirit starts to grow in the learnings of the universe. Accept change … be flexible … accept different cultures , accept different people … accept different religions and most of all accept different thought processes … accept the collective consciousness !


When you change something you do everyday of your life you change your habits and hence your KARMA … when you do that you show love to your soul and it automatically starts to heal your body and mind … take care of your soul. Your body is the only seat it has …


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