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Nitin Gupta
My 79 yr. old father was diagnosed with early Parkinson disease 3 years ago, and his allopathic doctors put him on the regular suppressive medicines and dopamine to keep him mentally stimulated. 6-9 months into the treatment, he was showing worsening signs of motor movement control and had a couple of falls during his evening walks. Although he got away with minor injuries, it was evident to me that the disease would soon render him immobile and dependent on a cane for support while walking. Moreover, he was becoming a social recluse and slipping into a depressive state of mind, thereby increasingly detracting into his shell.

That's when I spoke to Siddhartha at Samskrt, and he assured me that they had a cure for Parkinson which would restore Dad to his prior best. Probably a karmic connection! So began Dad's holistic treatment of home consultations and mental counselling with Samskrt's Ayurvedacharyas, home-delivered medicines, regular massages also conveniently scheduled at home. Within 3 months itself, Dad was showing remarkable improvement in his motor controls and his speech was getting less slurry. His voice was starting to boom again and smile was returning to his face. Within 1 year, Dad's Parkinson had completely retreated/reversed and he was completely back to his routine active life. Ever since then, he has been on basic Ayurvedic supplements in order to maintain his improved state, and hasn't shown any signs of Parkinson returning in any form. He engages actively with all of us in the family and is also an active member of his Senior Citizen's Group.

For someone who hadn't visited a doctor in 40 years prior to this episode, Parkinson could've been a devastatingly debilitating disease that would've eventually taken his life much sooner than otherwise. If not due to the physical deterioration, but due to the mental depression he was slipping-into. However, Samskrt's intervention has ensured that we will enjoy many more healthy and fun-filled years together, and he will live to see his grand-children grow up to be the fine individuals he would like them to become! I highly recommend anyone struggling to find solutions in allopathy for such supposedly-incurable diseases, to consider Samskrt. Ever since Dad's experience, I have personally recommended them to various friends and relatives, and they have all thanked me for the same. I myself am now being treated by Samskrt for cholestorol and skin disorders, after trying various other medicines. We all have one life to live, and we all deserve to live it well. let's adopt the Samskrt way of life, for a life well-lived!

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Mr Chavhan
We visited Samskrt after we found out my dad was detected with prostate cancer. The PSA levels were so high when we consulted,it was around 1470 and ideal levels are 0-4. Doctor put us in a program. Bad digestion of last 20-30 years got improved drastically within 30-40 days. Doctor gave us right medication each month along with basti. After 2.5 months we checked PSA it was 2.15. which is like a miracle. We started following plan strictly and my dad keep feeling better and better. After 6 months my dad's PSA was 0.475 and PETCT report shown drastically improvement. Even alleopathic doctor was in shock when he saw result. I urge you to visit him once, take advice and follow it to the plan you will 100% get better. Give ayurveda a chance. With right guidence any problem can be solved and never ever worry about anything.

Marie-Louise Van Deyck
Abhishek Bhardwaj
My mother was diagnosed with lungs cancer in 2019 feb. It was second time that she got cancer. Earlier, 2016 December she had breast cancer for that she had gone through chemo therapy and recovered fully. But she was diagnosed with lungs cancer and i had no clue what to do because I can't let her go through the chemotherapy again. So i Approached Samskrit centre and discussed all the details of my mother. I was satisfied with the discussion and adopted the treatment. Treatment went for six months and at the start of second month my mother started feeling good and then conditions improved for her with the help of this treatment. After the end of six months , she went through the scan and she was declared cancer free by the doctor.

I am greatful for Mr. Siddhart and his team for providing the time to time advice and care with treatment and doctors monitoring was also great. I really thank you for saving life of my mother.

Marie-Louise Van Deyck
Devdutt Pattanaik
Excellent care and service, with regular follow-up and true commitment to the vocation.

Ana Zizic
Ana Zizic
Completely new and great experience. Many interesting and useful advice regarding healthy diet and lifestyle. And most importantly, I've already started to apply a lot of them, and feel very good. And in the end, not to forget... I found great SAMSKRT cosmetics, oil and cream, and finally solved many problems.

Marie-Louise Van Deyck
Marie-Louise Van Deyck
I had been interested in Ayurveda since 1990, but could not find a single therapist. So I got my information from books. Meanwhile I have been coached by Elizabeth for a year and a half, so that is very okay. What struck me the most is that the ayurveda doctors take enough time for a consultation and that I was being watched with attention! To summarize this day: very enlightening.

Pravin Kalawar
The Samskrt model and system of ayurvedic treatment is a wonderful and transformatory experience suited to the fast paced and complex lifestyle of the 21st century. The wholistic approach focuses on changing ones attitude and approach to the right way of living a stress free and healthy life by emphasising on doing the right things without compromising or abjuring the attractive and seductive features of modern lifestyle while at the same time bringing in more discipline in what we eat, how we think and how we live. The treatments, care and handholding by doctors, technicians and other support staff is par excellence, in terms of expertise and command over this ancient science providing immeasurable value to customers and patients by ensuring services at our doorstep without having to spend time effort or money on travel to far away places. This avoids dislocation of our daily life, and supports continuation of our daily routines. I wish Samskrt a great journey and future in bringing this great and ancient science packaged to suit the 21st century I´m a very cost effective way !

Mamta Khetwani
My experience with Samskrt has been wonderful...
Dr. Sonali has been very cooperative n punctual.The medicines have worked very well with me. The results are satisfying.
Thank you so much Dr. Sonali and Samskrt.

Mr. Sudhir Kotian
One of my twin daughter had serious health issues for which she had to be hospitalised 2 to 3 times after the birth and kept falling sick.Allopathy couldn't find the cause.
Thanks to Samskrt and Dr Prachi she is now in good health. Now We call Dr Prachi even when our daughter has a simple fever or cold.

Sriram Iyer
I had recovered from a nasty bout of dengue that had left me completely sapped of energy with a constant feeling of fatigue.

It was around this time, I met with Siddhartha Sengupta of Samskrt fame and heard him about his views on Ayurveda and how it can help rebuild one’s health by creating a regulated lifestyle. What began as a theoretical presentation soon enveloped into interesting revelations about the human body, its immune systems and how Ayurveda can transform oneself into a powerful entity. The subject knowledge that Siddhartha brought to the table was compelling and got me completely convinced to opt for his lifestyle upgradation program.

Samskrt scores over other operators on many parameters. While Ayurveda centres are hugely popular, it is rare to find one that offers home service. They have experienced doctors, efficient therapists, always punctual and most importantly, extremely affordable.

I have been following Samskrt rejuvenation therapy for a month and am happy with the results. I feel more energetic and raring to go than before and many people I meet compliment me on my rejuvenated look.

Siddhartha and his talented team at Samskrt are an extremely dedicated lot and worthy of being recommended to everybody who desire to be healthy through a natural and safe medium as compared to modern day medicines.

I wish Siddhartha & TEAM SAMSKRT all the best for the future!

Mr. Pratik Trivedi
I got in touch with Mr. Siddhartha SenGupta for my uncontrolled diabetes and for my wife who had cancer.

As promised doctor visited our home and did counselling and suggested few changes in our lifestyle, I knew it is not going to be easy but the doctor from Samskrt took pains in calling us and every time enquired whether we are following what had been suggested.

I was on cholesterol tablet also, thanks to Samskrt I am off that killer tablet and my wife had history of acidity and fatigue, now she is most energetic and also her memory has sharpen (that`s bad).

With few steps more we would be almost tablets free.
Our best wishes to Mr. Siddhartha SenGupta and thank you Samskrt.
We highly recommend you for all your natural services.

Hema Natraj
Hema Natraj
I was having severe cough, allergy and breathing problems for more than a month. I had taken some allopathic medicines on the advice of my doctor. They had given me only temporary relief. I was not able to sleep through the nights.

Then I consulted Dr. Prachi from Samskrt Natural wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. To get rid of my sickness. The medicines prescribed by the Samskrt doctors was very effective. I followed the doctor’s advice very strictly by taking Samskrt’s medicines at prescribed intervals continuously for three days. I was totally cured of my sickness. The medicine has worked wonders on me without any side effects. At present I am keeping very good health.

As the medicine worked very well, I introduced my sister and niece to the Samskrt Medicine & Services.
I would recommend Siddhartha Sengupta and his professional team to my near & dear ones.
I wish all the best to Siddhartha and his team.

Sudhir Khollam
Hi, I am Sudhir Khollam, an upcoming Author, Trainer and a Coach. Since December 2016, I had been struggling with High Cholesterols, Low Vitamins, Severe Panic and Anxiety Issues. One of the biggest challenge I was facing was not being able to speak for more than an hour which is a basic requirement of my profession. To get over the issues, I had worked with my regular doctors for more than 6 months without any much improvement in my condition and my work and life was getting affected. I was referred to Samskrt and that is when I met Dr. Sonali Nimbalkar.

I am very Thankful to Dr. Sonali for her guidance, her ability to understand issues and be able to join the dots, her promptness of response, co-ordination, regular followups and most importantly serious accountability.

Today, all of my issues have been taken care of and I have been following the lifestyle suggested by Dr Sonali which is definitely adding a lot more to my everyday energy.

Thankyou, Dr. Sonali and Samskrt.

Meenakshi Kartik
All my life I have been into allopathy. During some medical scans during 2013-2015 I found out that I had fibroids, an ovarian cyst and thyroid nodules. According to the medical practice in Singapore they did the relevant biopsies andblood tests. Once it was determined that the growths were benign, I was told to either get them surgically removed or get annual ultrasounds for monitoring purposes.At that time I started looking at alternate therapies and thought of Ayurveda (basically to avoid surgery).

Coincidentally I came across Samskrt Natural Wellbeing on FB started by my school friend Siddhartha and checked out the website. I was very impressed and touched by what he had set out to do.On my next trip to India in 2017 I contacted Samskrt and Siddhartha came home along with Dr Prachi. She checked my naadi asked me a lot of questions and based on that started my treatment.

She gave me a lifestyle plan and a food plan. I brought the medicines to Singapore and continued the treatment for about one year. I also did my abhyangas and bastis in Singapore (the dosages as prescribed by Dr Prachi)I got a ultrasound done in May 2019.I am happy to report that the ovarian cyst has disappeared and the ovaries are normal in size.

The fibroids and thyroid nodules have reduced in size. I was told not to worry about them.Recently I experienced hypertension and palpitation. I did not want to take daily BP meds. So I turned to Samskrt. After consulting Dr Paranjpe who assured me that nothing is wrong with me and taking his prescribed meds I am much better now. I have weaned off the daily BP meds.I am really grateful to the professionalism and sincerity of Dr Prachi and Dr Paranjpe and also the commitment that Siddhartha has to natural wellbeing.

My father who believes only in allopathy has also started taking ayurvedic treatment from Samskrt for his heart issues. In a span of few months, his breathlessness has reduced and he has become more active. Thankyou Samskrt and wishing Siddharth all the best!