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Samskrt treats the mind , body and soul and shows the true meaning of self care and self love to make an individual Happy, Healthy and at peace which makes him more productive.

About the Founder


At 40, Siddhartha was the Asia-Pacific head of a multinational company taking care of multimillion dollar businesses across 5 countries, traveling to China, Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Germany. Wanting to add value to the world while staying true to himself, the natural progression was to start something in Ayurveda that was completely natural. The chemical industry deals in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, it is quite shocking what you eat, drink or use on your face body and hair! Most of us accept it at face value when a large brand tells us that it's food – you don't really question or even care if its food.

As a culmination of a lot of introspection, knowledge and his own experiences, Siddhartha started Samskrt Natural Wellbeing co. – a unique organization which takes an Ayurvedic lifestyle to every home using a mobile

app. Our doctors come home like they did 5000 years ago and reverse diseases. After this, Samskrt finally let go of the patient after a couple of months, cured of the illness and empowered with a preventive lifestyle so that the person can remain disease free for the rest of life. This can be availed at any age as this preventive lifestyle is based on the 5000-year-old Sakalya concept of Ayurveda. Our doctors impart a lifestyle, diet, exercise (yoga), detox, medication, counseling, and mantras, all of which work together to heal the mind, body, and soul by showing the patient how to be one with the universe – something which we have all forgotten how to do.

When you are one with the universe, life becomes easier and less of a burden; it's easier to face the ups and downs of life. The individual finally becomes happy, healthy and reaches a state of peace.

This is Siddhartha's endeavour and gift to as many people we can touch to help them be full of joy. He has answered some of his own questions and found peace – "finally I am trying to add some value to the world".

And so we at Samskrt show how people can lead a preventive lifestyle to eliminate diseases and avoid toxins in their daily life.

About the Team

All Ayurvedic doctors are trained to provide Ayurveda Treatment and deal with problems such as joint pain, weight loss, diabetes, PCOD and many other issues faced by our patients. All our Doctors are Specially trained Ayurvedic Doctors ( BAMS or MD ). We call them Lifestyle Coach! All Ayurvedic doctors are trained to be Cardiologist, Endocrinologists, Gynaecologists, Pediatrician, Nephrologists, Diabetologists, Orthopedic doctors, General Practitioners and Surgeons. Our doctors are no different.

"So they know the whole Human as a unit and treat it like one, one cannot treat the kidneys only and leave the rest of the organs to someone else as the body functions as one unit and not in parts! "

Our Lifestyle Coach's ( Doctors ) also have thorough knowledge of herbs and medicines and their effect on the human body. They are all experts in their own field and after treating you they can connect you to the universe so that the Energy of the universe can flow through you and give you happiness, health and peace while making you disease free. Samskrt consists of expert panel that every case is discussed with panel 6 Doctors which ensures everything is taken care of and a combined experience helps diagnose the problem. Our mission is to heal the world with authentic ayurveda and treat every one of you specially. We treat you and not the disease as each person can have the same disease due to different reasons . When you are under our care we make sure you become disease free .

The Team Members

Late Dr. Ashok Paranjpe
Late Dr. Ashok Paranjpe :
BAMS, MD Ayurveda
Dr Ashok BAMS, MD Ayurveda was our consultant doctor and was one of the most experienced Ayurvedic doctors in India with more than 35 years of experience and he had a brilliant knowledge of Ayurveda being the 3rd generation doctor in his family and he had an immense knowledge of ancient Indian texts and Sanskrit. Apart from healing people using authentic Ayurveda, he also taught Ayurveda to understand the practical applications and had been a part of several conferences in India and Abroad over the years. He was one of the most brilliant vaidyas we will ever have with knowledge of vedas and Ayurveda and a proponent of sanskritvyakaran( grammar ) which is needed for any vaidya to really understand the subject  . What however was his forte was the nidaan( diagnosis ) and root cause analysis of any patient based on yukti ( application ) . He had over 40 years of clinical experience and had an open mind to learn and unlearn even at his age . We want to offer our prayers for him and without his efforts we wouldn't have been where we are today healing cancers globally and other emergency cases .

Dr. Ashwini Kumar :
Dr. Ashwin has more than 10 years of experience in ayurveda with an MD in Ayurveda and just like his father is an expert in nidaan and yukti based on authentic ayurveda . He also is an expert in the traditional form of ayurveda as was practised500 years ago and an expert in emergency cases along with Samskrt and as the owner of Dhanwantariayurved. He uses diet as medicins as well along with ayurvedicmedication .

Dr. Prajakta Apte
Dr. Prajakta Apte :
MD Ayurveda
with an MD in Ayurveda she is an expert in Womens health and Parkinsons patients at Samskrt .She also is an expert in yoga and healing diseases with specific yogasanas .Prajakta has a masters in Panchakarma( ayurvedic detox methodologies ) as well

Dr. Ravindra Kaushik
Dr. Ravindra Kaushik :
is a BAMS and an expert in Rasa Vidyawhich h learnt from Guru RadhaBihariSharanji( nano medicines for all kinds of diseases and emergency cases ) with a Diploma in yogic sciences and an expert in Pulse diagnosis he has been trying to spread the concept of health and understanding of Ayurveda . He has healed more than 175 patients with serious covid cases and continues to heal emergency cases along with Samskrt and as a director of Anantya Healthcare pvt ltd.

Dr Sangeeta
Dr Sangeeta :
Dr from Pune university has a very interesting way of nidaan and most patients open up completely to her methodology of questioning . She has also studied ayurvedic astrology like Alok and incorporates it in her patients treatments.

Alok Jain
Alok Jain :
an engineer who was in the army studied Ayurveda astrology and the importance of food and its ayurvedic and nutritional significance with diseases. He has two books to his credit . The Root Cause 1 and 2 which is available on Amazon.


Mr. D. Sonawane
Mr. D. Sonawane :
Logistics Mr. D. Sonawane, our Logistics man, who brings your medicines to you tirelessly.

The Partners

Sonja Zogovic Zizic:

"Choose the job you love, and you will not have to work any day for the rest of your life." (Confucius) My name is Sonja Zogovic Zizic, born in Podgorica, Montenegro in 1968. Privately, I am the mother of two, now grown-up girls, Tamara and Ana, in whom, although it sounds strange, even when they were very small, I had great support. Their existence and a strong character always gave me wings in my life.

Professionally, although I am an electrical engineer, I have spent a large part of my professional life in tourism. The beginning of my work in the national airline was a sign of my further commitment in a professional sense. It was love "at first sight". The love for air traffic, tourism, travel, accommodation, meeting people from all meridians of this planet, etc., has been growing stronger from year to year.

... And so, for the above reasons, a tourist agency "AURORA TRAVEL" was created from the love for air travel, travel and tourism in general. The agency was established as a family business in late July 2014. in Podgorica (Montenegro). The slogan of this tourist agency "To the Details" fully speaks about the employees' aspirations to take care of the needs of each client, precisely, to the details. In support of the above, there is also a 24 hour availability of employees for providing information. From year to year, we have branched out into several activities, and with the acquisition of wonderful circumstances, we have turned to health tourism. We have had the honor and pleasure to meet and cooperate with many renowned companies from all over the world, including our great business partners Samskrtlife from India. We want to progress, last a very long time and expand cooperation with all companies that have a visionary spirit.


I came to Ayurveda by way of yoga; having practiced yoga from an early age. I had no idea that my passion for yoga would lead me on such an interesting journey! In 2004 I trained in Indian Head Massage and achieved the I.T.E.C. (International Therapy Examination Council) Diploma. In India I met practitioners of Ayurveda and the spark for knowledge of this ancient science was ignited.

2010 Began training in Ayurvedic therapies. 2014 Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies 2016 Diploma in Diet & Lifestyle. I was expertly tutored by Dr Deepa Apté MBBS (India) who is, amongst her renowned expertise, a fully qualified Indian medical doctor, qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, lecturer and former Executive Director of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association.

2017 Integrated Yoga teacher training 500 hours. I continue to study Ayurveda and to practice Yoga; this is a life-long learning process! I offer Ayurvedic Consultations and Therapies and Yoga one-to-one or small groups in Bath, Somerset.  Tarot. Unravelling the past, weaving the threads of the future through Tarot, the wildish nature revealed. The ancient symbols can help bring clarity in times of uncertainty and illuminate the way forward. Clairvoyant from childhood, I offer Intuitive Tarot in Bath and beyond.

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