Ayurveda Treatment Benefits

Ayurveda Lifestyle

An easy to follow Tailor made lifestyle which will help you detox on a daily basis so you remain toxin free and disease free for the rest of your life.

Ayurvedic Diet Plan

As per Ayurveda we give you a diet & Nutrition plan, along with a 7 day chart which can you mix & match. This diet helps to improve metabolism, detox and keeps your weight at optimum.


We impart Panchakarma which will completely remove the toxins built up since childhood. That will help your body to start to heal itself and your immune system gets much stronger. So you don’t fall sick.

Exercise & Yoga

Exercise and Yoga benefits you a lot like reducing weight, BP and improves the mind body soul. However did you know Yoga changes the gene expressions!! We show you how.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Energy Herbal Medicines which help your body to heal itself, no side effects unlike allopathy. Moreover within a week of starting medication you can feel a stark difference in your body.

Self Realisation

We give you tools and methods by which you will get peace of mind, which will improve your relations at home and at work.


Meditation techniques and concepts of Yoga nidra, yoga, nasya and special panchakarma will remove the deep rooted emotional issues even the ones from childhood.


A counsellor will help you sort your issues to make sure the mind body and soul are nutured and taken care with equal love and affection by our lifestyle coaches.

Self Analysis

We give you tools by which you can analyse yourself since understanding self is understanding GOD. We also have a wellness quotient tool to understand where you stand in terms of health.


After you take our lifestyle steadily you will see an improvement in Productivity at home and work.


After our treatment you will start to feel healthy, happy and be at peace, will be disease free as we are experts in reversing all kinds of lifestyle diseases.


Finally we empower you to take care of your own health as ayurveda believes you don’t need a Dr all your life. We give you a tool kit by which you can be disease free for the rest of your life.

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