SAMSKRT is a highly evolved “Science of Lifestyle” which firmly believes in empowering your life by placing your Health, Happiness and Harmony in your own hands.

SAMSKRT is a preventive approach rather than just a curative approach to wellbeing.

SAMSKRT will balance your subtle energy, making your health of the mind, body , soul and every cell, reach its optimum level of functioning. “SAMSKRT is the creation of Siddhartha Sengupta who is extremely passionate about bringing this evolved lifestyle to every home in the world so that you can face life’s ups and downs with ease , then you can achieve your life goals and live life to the fullest “.

Samskrt applies Ayurveda’s modern value to capacitate you to take ownership of your health. Through simple lifestyle changes and self-care you can become empowered and lead a healthy and happy life. Samskrt’s goal is to give you a tool box which allows you to identify and address the imbalances and problems in your life and it assists you to overcome them.