Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer

Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer In India

Today, the number of instance of cancer has probably tripled in India (Thanks to the western lifestyle, food and thought process in the last 50 years). We provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer In India. Cancer, one of the most deadly challenges spreading drastically in the 21st century, has now officially become the most dangerous killer in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The more we move towards technology and a fast paced lifestyle and consumerism, the more the instances of cancer. Who can deny the fact that cancer is related to adversary of modernization and advanced pattern of irregular and stressed life dominated by Western medicine? In allopathy more than 50% of the cancer patients don’t survive even after the cancer treatment. Chemotherapy probably kills more people than cancer itself. Scientists are making their best efforts to fight this disease; however the sure-shot cure is still awaited.

Ayurveda does not believe in this method of treatment. Also Cancer is just another disease! There are simple lifestyle diseases like diabetes which can sometimes take more time to treat than cancer! So one shouldn’t really think it’s the end of the world. However the complexity lies in the way the cancer has spread and also into all the 7 tissues (interstetial fluids, blood, bones, muscle, bone marrow,

adipose tissue and the reproductory tissues). So to treat that, one needs a complete overhaul of the Lifestyle, Diet, Thought process and even one needs to detox their minds. What we have observed is that most cancer patients have had some severe mental trauma in their childhood or adulthood which they have not been able to forget and these fears, guilt, anger or frustrations have made a knot in the brain and this has manifested in the form of a disease in the body!

The modern cancer treatment which is known to be burdened by drug-induced toxic side effects hoping perfect cure of disease form the complementary and alternative medicine system. The main goal of Ayurvedic therapy is to find the ultimate cause of an illness. The cancer normally destroys all the tissues in the body. These tissues need to be revived and can only be done by changing your lifestyle, diet, detox and take medicines that can build the 7 tissues. It takes approximately 6 to 8 months to cure and nearly a year to maintain the complete reversal.

Best Ayurvedic treatment for cancer (flowchart)

Samskrt is about bringing highly evolved science of lifestyle to every home in the world and we provide the best Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer in Mumbai India.

As we know, Universe is made up of energy. These energies are of two types - gross energy and subtle energy. Gross energy is the physics which we learn in schools and subtle energy is the quantum physics. Gross energy is the energy which can be seen and is measureable i.e the five senses of touch, taste, see, hear, smell. Subtle energy is the energy which we cannot see but can see its effects like breathing, digestion, evacuation. This energy which forms our aura grows when our frequency is higher and when our hormones are balanced. This completes the circuit and our gross body is healthy. When the energy channels are blocked then the circuits remain incomplete and we see problems in our gross body and when the channels are open all your gross senses are enhanced. This subtle energy gets affected due to four factors – environment, lifestyle, diet (time & quality), exercise (quality & quantity) Environment we cannot change but the Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise can be corrected.

Lifestyle - Dysfunctional lifestyle disturbs the biological clock in our body leading to stress and stress hormones are released in our body. This blocks the subtle energy channels.

ayurvedic treatment for cancer

Diet - Irregular timing of eating and diet which does not give you energy, lowers the frequency of our body and body is not able to fight germs and viruses.

Yoga & mind management - Can alter your gene expression so that the external factors which we cannot change can be reacted to by our body in a different way.

So what Samskrt does is it gives you the best Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer In India, so that you can live a unique lifestyle, nutritional plan, yoga and yognidra to balance the energy flow in your body so as to balance your body, mind and soul. So you see when your subtle energy is balanced the gross energy in your body functions at its peak and optimum level. Come for an Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer In India and get the best Cancer Ayurveda Treatment In India today!


CANCER is the second largest cause of deaths in the world and for decades scientists are looking for molecules to heal cancer and have failed  . The rates of lifestyle disease CANCER globally done by the American society of cancer shows the prevalence of cancer country wise ( which shows the top 50 countries are all developed nations)  The WHO says ” Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. 

What is Cancer ?

Cancer is  nothing but accumulation of cells which have not followed the process of apoptosis  (which is the regular function of the body) . Cellular biologists study this topic just to understand how do cells behave . Now What is Apoptosis ? Apoptosis is the cell life cycle - formation of new cells , regular functioning of the cells  and then destruction  or death of cells and removal from the body . This is a simple normal procedure done everyday. The body knows how to heal itself and dispose off these dead cells through the normal process of excretion  which keeps you healthy . In a cancer patient this process of apoptosis is forgotten by the body, Mainly due to poor lifestyle ( more than 80 % of the cases is due to poor lifestyle ) ordue to poor immunity or pathway blockages due to toxin accumulation or poor tissue health and sometimes when the genes behave erratically to any stimuli ( also lifestyle issues of ancestors ). When this happens very little apoptosis occurs creating the Malignancy .Just imagine a pipe chocked and water not being able to come out of it , what happens ? it starts to rot smell and then eventually corrode the pipeline ! Just look at our body like a network of various pipelines ( small and big).

What can we do ?

When this is what happens do u think just destroying the malignant cells can do the trick ?It can for sometime but what about the root cause of the disease ?You can remove the choke but if the dirt keeps accumulating even after that and If the root cause isn’t removed then the body would go back to the same condition in sometime and that's exactly what happens in more than 50% of the cases . What is needed is that our body needs to go back to relearning the process of apoptosis and that cannot be done by just destruction of the cancer cells , it can be done by clearing the pathways and also by strengthening the body and immune system so that it can regain the original process of apoptosis. This is exactly what we do , once we find out the root cause , we clear the pathways , strengthen the tissues and the immune system and make the body relearn the process of apoptosis by helping it . We help the body to regain the original memory of apoptosis .So the ideal would be to destroy the cancer cells ( through the present interventions ) and remove the root cause of the problem ( through Ayurveda ) so that it doesn't keep happening again and again , and that would happen only if the immune system is strengthened and the pathways all cleaned up and the tissue health is restored for normal body functioning .

We at Samskrt can and have collaborated with several oncologists across the world to help the patient as we believe the idea is to keep the patient alive and healthy by whatever means it takes. We need to simply think logically and question every system ( both modern medical systems as well as traditional systems alike ) . Most west European nations are moving towards an integrated systems .Germany , Spain , France , Switzerland are already doing it . Basically the discomfort and side reactions of the harsh medicines can be mellowed by using natural medicines including bone marrow depressions , severe constipation , severe depression , loss of appetite and can also reduce metastasis . Ayurveda has the capacity to detox the mitochondria in each cell and make the immune system fight the cancer by getting the apoptosis ontrack . That does take 6 to 8 months ofcourse along with a balanceddiet ,  lifestyle , medication , detox procedures as well as yoga and meditation . All of this helps the body to heal itself. So we certainly recommend an integrated system for Cancer . The EU parliament has already taken a decision to form a committee to examine all possibilities of Integrated systems in the month of March this year . During the webinarsession  held in the EU parliament the Doctor and Cancer research specialists from  Germany said that 2/3rds of the cancer affected patients in their country already use an Integrated system . An integrated system is the future of Cancer treatment and maybe all kinds of auto immunes as well . Its not just a trend but countries like Taiwan have moved from the 63rd slot to the 10th slot as the best healthcare system globally .Why ?they have started an integrated system for all diseases and patients . We help Cancer patients in every stage , at the very beginning even before you start the treatment or along with the treatment or rehabilitation ( after the treatment ) so that you never get it back again !!

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