There is a lot of information available today about how to have a changed lifestyle, what is healthy, what is natural, and what we ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t do and there is a need to adopt a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Often this information is conflicting in nature because everyone is made differently and health and happiness could be very subjective from person to person. Some things may work for some people but the same things may not necessarily work for others. It can be very confusing to understand the direction in which one should head and know the best suitable option to achieve good health and happiness. Every person’s constitution is very unique; hence a generic solution does not work for everyone. However, today the conventional intervention techniques and medication is based on a mass approach instead of customised medical solutions based on an individual’s constitution. Therefore it is very essential to find out the most suitable elements to bring about health and happiness which is in harmony with your unique requirements.

So the key to good health, vitality, and youthfulness always starts with knowledge of ‘self’. We at Samskrt help you to get enlightened about yourself as a person as well as your body. This is the first step towards empowering you which leads to a balanced life and Happiness!