Samskrt offers a unique and evolved Lifestyle for a happy and healthy life to improve your Physical and Mental Wellbeing for each one of you through one of our Lifestyle Coach’s , at your own homes / office / salon / college etc.

Our Lifestyle Coach will introduce you to the concept of self-care, self-love and self-empowerment through our various lifestyle concepts which Empowers you to face life positively and effectively. Samskrt uses the knowledge of 5000 year old classical ayurvedic lifestyle.

At Samskrt, each individual is looked at as a completely unique entity. Therefore, even if two people are suffering from exactly the same disease or health issues and their symptoms may look similar, but at Samskrt they will not be scanned using the same set of principles. Ayurveda works to remove the root cause of all problems; known and unknown; manifested and yet to manifest.

Most of us are conditioned to deal with problems only when they manifest physically and mentally, and begin to impact our daily activities. Conventional medicine and care is all about taking care of a person who already has a disease …. Ayurveda is about leading a lifestyle which prevents the disease.

Samskrt shows you simple steps towards living Ayurveda which requires a different thinking.

Though this knowledge is not new, the modern way of thinking has prevented us from living according to our unique core elements. Making changes requires some effort on our part and we need to be open and willing to ‘break the status quo; unlearn the old and learn the new’ things! We are here to help empower and support you to take charge of your life in a way which is most ideal for you; free of disease, imbalance and conflicts; to be in a state of inner peace and stability of thoughts; feeling of happiness from within. Understanding the ideal balanced harmony between oneself and one’s surrounding is the key to a happy and healthy life. We shall guide, instruct and support you to attain this stage of self-enlightenment and develop a lifestyle that is preventive, curative and supportive in nature. Individuals with higher degree of imbalance in their equation with their surrounding elements will be provided with the most appropriate treatment from our doctors.