Ayurvedic treatment for Hairloss

Ayurvedic treatment for Hair Loss in Mumbai

As per Ayurveda, Hair is an extension or waste matter of the Bone tissue. So if your blood is affected then the tissues beyond that i.e. the muscles, adipose or fat tissue bones are also affected. If your Liver has excessive heat in it, the liver will stop producing healthy RBCs. We inherit pitta (heat) constitution from our parents. An excess of pitta dosha can cause a disruption in the metabolic processes of our body.

According to modern medicine, hair loss or alopecia affects the scalp and other parts of the body as well. It is often hereditary or can be caused due to medications or even an underlying medical condition. There are different kind of hair loss and patchy hair loss is usually more serious and causes more concern than overall loosening and loss of hair. Male pattern baldness, premature graying and loosening of hair is often hormonal and may need hormonal ayurvedic treatment for Hair Loss.

Samskrt is about bringing highly evolved science of lifestyle to every home in the world and we provide the best Ayurvedic Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai.

Ayurvedic treatment for hairloss (flowchart)

As we know, Universe is made up of energy. These energies are of two types - gross energy and subtle energy. Gross energy is the physics which we learn in schools and subtle energy is the quantum physics. Gross energy is the energy which can be seen and is measureable i.e the five senses of touch, taste, see, hear, smell. Subtle energy is the energy which we cannot see but can see its effects like breathing, digestion, evacuation. This energy which forms our aura grows when our frequency is higher and when our hormones are balanced. This completes the circuit and our gross body is healthy.

When the energy channels are blocked then the circuits remain incomplete and we see problems in our gross body and when the channels are open all your gross senses are enhanced.

This subtle energy gets affected due to four factors – environment, lifestyle, diet (time & quality), exercise (quality & quantity)

Environment we cannot change but the Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise can be corrected.

Lifestyle - Dysfunctional lifestyle disturbs the biological clock in our body leading to stress and stress hormones are released in our body. This blocks the subtle energy channels.

Diet - Irregular timing of eating and diet which does not give you energy, lowers the frequency of our body and body is not able to fight germs and viruses.

Yoga & mind management - Can alter your gene expression so that the external factors which we cannot change can be reacted to by our body in a different way.

So what Samskrt does is it gives you the best Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Loss in India, so that you can live a unique lifestyle, nutritional plan, yoga and yognidra to balance the energy flow in your body so as to balance your body, mind and soul.

So you see when your subtle energy is balanced the gross energy in your body functions at its peak and optimum level. Come for Ayurvedic treatment for Hair Loss in Mumbai at Samskrt and get the best Ayurvedic Medicine For Hair Loss treatment today.

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