Samskrt is not so much about going back to basics, it is about going into the future with strong roots, liveliness to excel, strength and resilience at the core. The Samskrt lifestyle is all about prevention so that seeking a cure is vastly reduced.

With the support of Ayurveda, Samskrt aims to banish the cause of ailment from its root and eliminate or contain the problems before they start interfering with your daily life. It is a reminder to holistic living – as a complete human unit. This completeness in context is the 3 layers of our physical selves as explained in Ayurveda – physical, energetic and conscious layer – which become a holistic system, when they work in tandem with each other.

Samskrt Wellbeing is doing more than just developing a new-fangled business model. Samskrt is tailored to balance Ayurveda, technology and your daily life. The only commitment that Samskrt asks of you is to be drawn into this elevating world of Wellness with only 30 minutes of your day, wherever you are - whether at home, office, or travelling. The process will be tailored to your needs, while the universality of its access and practice will be homogenous and wide.

Samskrt Wellbeing meets you in this space with product, procedure, personalization and plentiful benefits.

Why Ayurveda

Ayurveda in itself is not a method of healing. It is a way of life with one very simple objective - to be happy. To be happy means to be healthy; to be healthy means to be one with nature and live with inner freedom. Ayurveda sees you as a unique entity - individual and uncompromised. And so, each treatment is also tailored for you. Which is why the Samskrt approach is based on the individual and the Ayurveda way of Lifestyle Management.

Through the principles of Ayurveda the essence lies in harnessing the 5 natural elements constituting space, air, fire, water, earth and ether. These elements constitute the human body too. Unsurprisingly, we are deeply connected to our natural surroundings. Ayurveda lifestyle trains your senses to be cued into the constant changes around you – climate, diet, relationships. Ayurveda urges you to understand the importance of harmony in Body, Mind and Soul.

According to Ayurveda, everyone is inherently healthy. It is only a matter of training our minds and immune system in the right direction. The key to this lies in being aware of the environment and all the changes that happen daily around us.

Get to know the Philosophy behind Ayurvedic medicine and know why Ayurveda is about going into the future with strong roots, liveliness to excel, strength and resilience at the core at Samskrt.