Balance Time and health with Ayurveda

How to create more time and be healthy with Ayurveda


In today’s world where no one has time for anything and everyone is busy there are simple ways to create time and the best part is that while doing so you can also be healthy !

1. The  only way to make time is to follow the clock of the universe or what we call the circadian rhythm .

2. Then make a routine or dinacharyas ( Ayurvedic term ) for routine based on cycles of nature .

3. follow it and keep improving on it .

these are the 3 simple steps . The universal clock says sleep early between 8 and 10 pm and wake up early between 4 and 6 am ! This is the first way to make it create time in your life . How ? Ask us . The second being that the dinacharyas or routined lifestyle to stop shocking your system ( the lesser the routined life more the shocks to your body more the stress and mental anxiety ) so it’s quite simple .. we can show you what routine would make u stress and disease free .

Lastly everyone feels is it’s not possible .. well so basically what you are saying is you have no control over urself  ? . and you are letting the external forces , environment and the circumstances to control you ! Most people complain about life and stress but don’t want to make changes … if you really want to change your life and mental status and want to create time and be stress free  as well as stay healthy call us on +91 7045964227 .