Understanding the Factors Impacting Kids’ Mental Health and the Path to Wellness

Today you see mostly kids with mental health issues.. and then they really bother the parents . Now its very clear why these kids have mental health issues , here are the reasons

1. Sleeping late and waking up late ( sleeping after 10 pm and waking up after 6am ) – the later u sleep the more the negativity and not being able to cope with stress as the brain cannot detox or flush out the toxins ! the later you wake up beyond 6 am thr worse your hormones and eventually your physical and mental health .

2. Addictions – Most kids today are into marijuana and alcohol.Making them susceptible to anxiety panic attacks depression suicidal tendencies etc . Alcohol ( party every weekend if not more) gives anger issues and serious mental health issues . Marijuana causes serious mental health issues including mild to severe schizophrenia… the kids sadly have been told that its better than smoking which it isnt !

3. Eating junk – what we eat makes our mental health , you will notice that kids who eat outside more than once or twice a month also have poor mental construct and inability to cope with simple situations. Most kids today eat outside food ( restaurants and street food and order junk) .. eating too much chocolate also increases vata dramatically as well as anxiety! Instead of eating saatvik home cooked food which will improve ones mental health .

4. Too much digital space – this is another reason for mental health issues . The concept of returning every statement made .. they call it return and think its smart to do so ! which actually makes them unlikeable and people actually would treat them worse in return ( the digital space is a vicious place ) and everyone is constantly arguing judging bullying and criticising you .. so most people are going through negative energy while being on digital space .

once the kids stop doing all this , their mental health improves . The reason for mental health issues is poor lifestyle and diet. nothing else! Samskrt are experts in reversing these poor mental health conditions, to know more or call +91 7045964227 .