Insomnia and Ayurveda

Insomnia and mental disease is rampant today and apart from poor food habits it’s also sleep and lifestyle that’s one of the reasons for this . As per ayurveda when u don’t sleep at or before 10 pm the  pitta cycle gets disturbed ( which includes metabolism and removal of waste from the cells and pushing it towards the intestines for the vata to then push it out of you  ) . Since it is that time of the day where the body and mind repairs and restores itself as per the daily routine concepts of Ayurveda  . So if you sleep late not only is your metabolism hampered ( it  disrupts cellular metabolism and mitochondrial health but also increases the ruksha Guna or creates dryness internally due to vata aggravation at this time… so people who sleep late will eventually become caustic in tongue and rough in speech and rude .. they will not be able to love or feel love either due to poor kapha utilisation as being awake late  doesn’t allow us to utilise the mand, sthir gunas of Kapha which is useful for Focus during daytime .for any kind of work . So basically people who sleep late and wake up late won’t be able to do well in studies or work efficiently or won’t be able to have a sound relationship .  Whats even worse is people who sleep beyond 10 pm are prone to diseases like Cancer , depression , anxiety , heart diseases , parkinson to name a few .

Now you decide what’s important . Your sleeping early or sleeping for 8 hours at any point in time of the day or night . Good quality sleep is actually about what time you sleep !! Feel free to reach out to us to get rid of your insomnia and reverse any disease  call on +91 7045964227 or check our website