Raw fruits and vegetables juices

Raw juicing and salads


Had to include this as the fad diet of raw vegetable juicing and eating salads as meals is now catching up globally and so is vata related issues like bloating , hyper acidity , acid reflux , joint pains , thyroid , arthritis, anxiety , depression , over thinking . These are some of the health hazards of raw juicing and diet after just 6 Months of taking them . The initial couple of months u feel good because u lose weight and feel light and then after a year things begin to change and you don’t even realise it . As per ayurveda all foods need to have the fire element in them otherwise they cannot be digested by the body . We are not designed to eat cellulose and digest it otherwise our ancestors would have been on raw food . Why go through all the trouble of cooking .

You see raw foods like smoothies , juices and large salad meals can create havoc with your hormones and immune system . To know more you can always reach out to us on +91 7045964227 or write to us on www.Samskrtlife.com