Life habits

Life is HABITS !

Your entire life is about habits . Your habits denote you and your life and what’s happening to you ! When you are born your mother puts u into habits which run with u for your entire lifetime . By the time you are 18 your life is actually chalked out because of the habits u have acquired from your parents , teachers , friends and the environment around you and how you have reacted towards those stimulus you have received from them .

That’s what would denote your lifespan , your physical health , your mental health and even your relationships !! Why not come to us to break this cycle and get into habits which will heal you ? Which will make sure u get into a practise which will change your life forever … your physical health , your mental health , your relationships and your lifespan … that’s why we are called KARMA HEALERS .. heal your Karma , heal yourself and stay disease free with Samskrt and authentic Ayurveda ! Reach out to us on + 91 7045964227 or