Understanding the Factors Impacting Kids’ Mental Health and the Path to Wellness Today you see mostly kids with mental health issues.. and then they really bother the parents . Now its very clear why these kids have mental health issues , here are the reasons 1. Sleeping late and waking up late ( sleeping after …


ayurvedic skin treatment

SKIN HEALTH AND AYURVEDA ( the hidden causes of cancer )

Normally I dont write much about skin health here.. however i had to because i see the way dermatologists recommend dangerous chemicals which are carcinogenic to women everyday frankly today women use colour cosmetics hair dyes sunscreens perfumes and all kinds of skin enhancing products which eventually increase the instances of breast and skin cancer …

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Life habits

Life is HABITS !

Your entire life is about habits . Your habits denote you and your life and what’s happening to you ! When you are born your mother puts u into habits which run with u for your entire lifetime . By the time you are 18 your life is actually chalked out because of the habits …

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Insomnia and Ayurveda

Insomnia and mental disease is rampant today and apart from poor food habits it’s also sleep and lifestyle that’s one of the reasons for this . As per ayurveda when u don’t sleep at or before 10 pm the  pitta cycle gets disturbed ( which includes metabolism and removal of waste from the cells and pushing …

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Raw fruits and vegetables juices

Raw juicing and salads

  Had to include this as the fad diet of raw vegetable juicing and eating salads as meals is now catching up globally and so is vata related issues like bloating , hyper acidity , acid reflux , joint pains , thyroid , arthritis, anxiety , depression , over thinking . These are some of …

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Food Addictions

Food the biggest addiction

You see today most people are addicted to food , we are brainwashed into believing that we need a heavy breakfast when it’s called Break fast meaning eating light ( little do people know that globally people didnt eat breakfast until 200 years ago Mr. Kellogg’s made it mandatory and wrote articles and sponsored advertising …

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