Move towards nature ,move towards health

I always wondered about one thing . My Grandparents lost so much 70 years ago and yet had so much happiness laughter joy and love inside them to give to everyone … Today if people lost 5 out of the 9 children , all their money , house and had to start all over again in an unknown city do you think they would be sane ? Well in spite of all these traumas my grandparents were loving smiling joyful people . What made them the way they were ? was it the only way out for them ? was it forceful ? well the answer was actually quite simple … they found happiness inside them . They made a choice , which was to remain joyful in spite of everything . To forgive the past .  Today most people make such huge dramas about their life , about how they don’t have this or that ? Well for my grandparents they always talked about what they had , how lucky they were to have what they did at that moment . People were and thought very differently even until 30 years ago. As kids we were always happy with small things and everyone aspired for love , health , happiness , peace , some money , a decent job , a small family . That was it . Today we aspire for a swanky car , exotic holidays , a posh house , exotic foods , to be famous , to get the top job , to have children to be excellent examples to their friends ! Most people don’t even wonder once whether they deserve what they dream about ! Anyways not to put people down and demotivate them , but manifestation of your ambition isn’t about material things , manifestation works differently . For example if you want to be famous , you can say as many times as you want that I want to be famous … it wont happen , however the moment you think I want to be the best at what I am doing and will be the best in the industry no matter what , and i shall work as hard as possible to achieve that … then the manifestation process begins …

I remember we were given to write essays in school  on ” Technology – a boon or curse ” . at that time I always wrote how it was a boon to mankind . Today I don’t think I would necessarily say that . Yes one might argue I can write a blog because of technology , communicate because of a mobile . Hmm true , however we don’t know how much to use it and the adverse effects have started to make man diseased and sick. So how can technology be a boon. Well I say that technology is good but nature is far far better and can do wonders when we know how to harness nature instead of machines. For example , solar energy is far far better in all ways . Today Man has moved so far away from anything remotely natural that he is moving himself away from JOY completely . He has started to believe that only materialistic things can bring him joy . Look at what we have manifested , the millennials ! A group of kids who are very unhealthy , not sound in mind to handle life , unable to be joyful , unsocial in spite of social media , cannot take no for an answer , do not know how to work hard , will not work hard to achieve success or pursue love  , expect money in spite of not working , think that being liked on social media is the ultimate  . Its us the previous few generations that are responsible for this . Of course there are lot of positives along with the negatives like they are completely non judge mental , they can move on very easily from a relationship or a job or a problem , they are defying the anarchical leadership concept , they do not abide by the society rules which need change , they don’t pay attention to advertisements which are manipulations of the mind , they have moved away from the negative mainstream media , they are very honest and don’t pretend to show the world what they aren’t and much more .

Out of all this  what is not good and bothers me is that they are very very unhealthy , not just their body but also their minds . We see so many young kids who are unhealthy and need immediate attention . All due to poor lifestyle , diet , no exercise and lack of understanding of the connection between Man and the universe .  We need to move more towards nature and find natural cures , natural healing processes so that the next generation and the one after  will not be the reason for mankind to become extinct .

To sort this the only thing which I keep harping in this blog is to make them healthy in the mind ,body and soul. It all starts with the need to be close to nature and to heal … Thats all .

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