Happiness …

Notice how people are always frowning or sad or upset or angry about everything in life today. Human mind is bound by invisible chains created by himself ! Happiness is something you need to work towards … Work at being happy from inside and thats for the brave people indeed. Brave aren’t those who sky dive or bungie jump or fight 5 people alone , but those people who face their own mind and decide to make a change to his / her thought process and challenge status quo . Why do I say this  ? Its always easier to crib and complain about life  , about what you don’t have , about how your parents gave you shit , about that boss who was tyrannical , about the world that wasn’t fair ! Living in your comfort zone . The cowards use this language to gather sympathy because they don’t find the courage to change , to move away from negativity and to change oneself and be flexible about everything especially their thought process . These people would rather flatter their ego till this same ego gobbles up their entire life and the people they love . They don’t learn to let go , to forgive , forget and find the courage to question their own EGO . That can only be done through self analysis .

How will you recognize these people ? Most of these people would say , ”  I don’t know how to express myself ” . These people cannot see anything good in anything or anyone , cannot appreciate anyone either . These people would never apologize to anyone . I say if you cannot express yourself then in that case you shouldn’t know how to express anger , dissatisfaction and hatred either . If they don’t or cannot show negative emotions then they are really nice people who are really introverted and uncommunicative . If they can show negative emotions but not positive emotions , then these are the people we are talking about . They need help . They have issues with their self esteem and their minds ! Feel Sorry for them …

All this is sickness of the mind . We find a few of our patients being extremely negative about life . Most of them have a lot of serious diseases due to their negative thought process. There are also many more out there who never seek help as they think thats how I am and take it or leave it . Life teaches them of course with a lot of pain . Somehow they make  themselves feel thats how the world is and thats how life is and will suffer but will not find the courage to change their victim mentality or try in anyways to destroy their EGO.

If you want to be happy , first learn to let go off the ego . Learn to take things lightly , learn to question your mind ” why are u saying this ? I am not this ” . If you want to be happy , value your relationships more than your ego . Don’t stop talking , communicate , don’t lock the door and sit inside for hours , don’t run away from the situation , face it . Happiness is a state of mind which comes from inside . You have to make efforts to be happy . You have to first realize that you make your universe and only you can make yourself happy . No one else can .

All these negative feelings affect your Mind , body and your soul.  One must think of starting to heal the mind , body and soul to be BRAVE and remove those chains and shackles that bind your mind ! However the good news is that its never too late , you can always change if you want to. Our Lifestyle coach will show you how to analyze yourself using simple tools .

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