Food for your Soul .

I ask this question all the time during  my workshops …” How many of us  think we don’t have time in our daily life? ” Well I must say all of us will say that  in unison today … “ ME “ . Just because its fashionable to be busy , people think if they are busy they are fine and doing well and disease or problems will not catch up to them. We are like the child who covers his eyes thinking no one can see him !  To the people who feel so I always say one thing …. “ In 2016 there was one extra day in February as it was a leap year . Did you do anything different or extra ? “ NO right !! Haha … So its not about having time .. its about making time . Who are we trying to fool here .


Ask yourself this question …Whats the most important thing in your life ? Is it  yourself ?  Your mind ,  body and soul or  your clothes  car , house and  your money . If you choose the latter then either you are in pain or will suffer pain in life . If you don’t have your physical and mental health you really have nothing . Let me give you an example …. Micheal Jackson who worked very hard since childhood and earned 160 million dollars suddenly left this world , did he take  his money ? he died young in spite of all that money because of poor health and a sick body and mind … In spite of the fame , money , mansion , cars … everything . Another example close to home …We have a patient who has a chain of restaurants yet has a disease which is neurodegenerative and he cant even enjoy the money he has accumulated .  Of course we are in the process of reversing his disease which will take some time , however he has shown a lot of progress . One of the most important things which we had to make a part of his treatment was to treat his soul along with the body and mind. I am not saying don’t be ambitious .. I am saying take care of your body ,mind and soul early in life and everyday . Then  you will see your ambition is achievable even more easily ! With a healthy mind and body ,  your soul will help you manifest easily as you would be connected to it .


So what must one do to heal ones soul ? Apart from leading a routine lifestyle of waking up early and sleeping early because that gives you a sound mind and balanced hormones there are various other ways  . Are you aware that your hormones govern your entire nervous system which in turn keeps you either at peace or makes you anxious . The other is to eat food which is alive or which has life ( Pranashakti ) in it . I have mentioned before ( in the Body section ) that one must eat food which has “ PranaShakti “ or life giving energy . You are what you eat and your entire thought process depends on what you eat . Not only that you also manifest what you think , so what happens to you in your life basically depends on your manifestation process . If you want good things in your life you need to eat good right. I hope you see the connection here .

At the same time in ayurveda like the vedas there is nothing good or bad ! Thats contradictory to what we were discussing . Let me explain this , you can eat what you want but you shall face the consequences is what ayurveda says ! So a good  ayurvedic doctor has the capacity to tell you what is good for you and what is your poison , depending on your genetic makeup . Eg : Milk can be good for you but poison for a lactose intolerant person . It’s a misconception that Ayurveda says eat only a Vegetarian diet . However it does say that high quantities of “ Sattvik” food is needed to nourish the mind and soul and to feel lighter.

Food which is heavy will reduce the vibration frequency of your cells making you feel heavy . Lightness and lower vibration frequency would come from vegetables more than non vegetarian food .  All meat eating animals have smaller intestines unlike us . Today every human wants to fight global warming and pollution but will argue that we are designed to be omnivores when you tell them that the single largest reason for global warming is beef , pork and chicken farming !! We will fight everything that threatens our habits and comfort zone …. Anyways  Non vegetarian food is heavy and difficult to digest which takes away a lot of your energy hence your energy gets depleted ,  remember that the  quality of energy of anything you eat comes to you and becomes you . When you kill an animal there is a lot of negative energy in it at that moment . So wouldn’t you want something peaceful rather than aggressive , sad , fearful in you ? Or even  negative energy from  the ones in Pigs , cows or  chicken which becomes  you when you eat it ?  Ayurveda however does go on to say that River / fresh water fish , Partridge meat , Goats meat and antelope meat is very good for health and your cellular structure . They do not cause toxins compared to other kinds of non vegetarian food . The reason being simple that our stomach can digest these meats easily . Of course these animals also would have negative energy when killed , hence you eat less of them ( maybe once or twice a week if you want to ) . Please note that goat’s meat does not increase cholesterol . Cholesterol is a big myth and is definitely not the reason for heart attacks. Modern science is now agreeing that they made a mistake a few years ago to sell you “STATINS ” ( cholesterol medicines ) .

To nourish your soul , Drink milk ( raw milk not pasteurized or homogenized ) , white butter ( unsalted ) and ghee ( made in the traditional way via curd / Yoghurt route ) . These foods are excellent to nourish the Ojas which  in turn will nourish your soul.


The other food for your soul apart from meditation is forgiveness and gratitude . Understand that its not for you to punish someone for their sins or whatever wrong they have done to you .Leave that to Karma , somehow karma has a better way of punishing than you or me . My aunt was telling me a story one day about her son who married a divorcee with a child ( that’s not too common in india ) so the neighbours started to talk . Their immediate neighbor kept taunting them every time they met on the streets . “ Oh how sad , your only son had to do this “ . My aunt would come back home and sob every time as there was nothing she could do or say . Finally after 5 years the same mans son had a massive paralytic attack and his wife left him for another man at the time he needed her the most.  My aunt could have said or done something to the man but she couldn’t have done what happened to him right ? Leave it to HIM ( the almighty or the universe or God whatever you call it ) … let it go . Understand that life itself is a lesson and a journey .


One needs to think at all times that what you have in life is far more than what you don’t . You have everything that you need to make yourself happy , all you need to do is look for it . Knowing yourself and doing self analysis every day always helps to understand yourself and your soul , there are various methods to analyze yourself each night before going to sleep. About what you want in life … keep manifesting it . Dream big and don’t lose faith .


These and many more methods are taught to our patients to nourish their soul along with their mind and body . In case you have questions feel free to write to us or take an appointment with one of our Lifestyle Coach’s by sending a whats app message “YES” on +91 7045964227.