Your body is your Temple, mosque , church ….

“The only way to righteousness is through a healthy body ” …. VEDAS

“Your body is the temple of your spirit “– BIBLE

“Your Body is the entrusted to you by Allah and its your job to keep it pure and clean “– KORAN

since a Healthy body is a healthy mind its very important to have a healthy body.
What is righteousness one might ask ? being honest , being pure , being moral , being fair , being ethical , being honorable . All this and more is possible only and only if you have a  healthy body .
Well in todays world everybody ( especially the millennials ) want to be what you call a “ Bad ass “ … no issues however please know that lying , anger , cheating , jealousy or hurting someone are all negative emotions . all these negative emotions give a lot of negative impact to your body in terms of diseases in the long run … There are ways to look after your body so that you can nourish that mind and soul as well .


Eat healthy be healthy . Question everything no matter what . Just because 50 million people are doing something and because everyday you are bombarded with advertisements , hoardings , magazines with this doesn’t mean , that it is the right thing … Thats only manipulation of your mind … that doesn’t make it healthy or edible e g : Soft drinks and Pizzas !

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