macrocosm microcosm and your body .

A lot of people want to know how the universe works . If you see , in the universe we have what we call the macrocosm and microcosm ….To explain what that means …Just like a drop of water is complete and so is the ocean … Take some water away and yet it’s still water …It’s a collection of the same complete thing … Water ! Similarly we are the microcosm which is a part of the macrocosm … You are a part of the universe and The entire universe is in you ( you are a group of cells or energy the same thing which the universe is a complete collection of ! ) …. So you are the universe !!

The verse in the Upanishads ( collection of texts about Philosophy and quantum physics  ) … “ That is compete , this is complete , from complete has emerged the complete , after taking complete away from the complete what remains is also complete” — taken from Isha Upanishad

That’s the infinite universe for you… And you are the universe !!

Similarly each cell of your body contains everything that your body has … Every cell of your body in the collective acts like one big body and each cell by itself is a collection of the attributes of the body . Every cell in your body has a mind and brain of its own which can store memories . Every cell also can also digest , metabolize and excrete and finally dies just like you .

When you do something to the microcosm then your macrocosm changes … meaning when you change something inside you , your entire universe around you starts to change .

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