Beautiful forever …

I love talking about some live cases so that most of you would know how it works. We have a patient who had serious issues with her skin . There were patches and freckle like patches with dark spots! She was obviously very worried as she was quite a good looking woman and visited several dermatologists . The crèmes just made it worse so she started to use more makeup which didn’t help either ! It was a vicious circle . She obviously went for conventional medicines and used steroid based crèmes and bleaches as well as retinol based crèmes ( these are carcinogenic ) !! they made those patches Red and a little swollen . So she was in deep trouble obviously and was in a bit of a depression . Whats funny is that when we met her and told her this is just a matter of two or three weeks that she will see it getting better she was happy as she was struggling for more than 6 months . However when we told her there are problems inside her which has caused this , she couldn’t care less . She was more bothered about her skin ! Its hilarious we humans pay so much heed to our outward looks as we care so much about what people will think and what people will say and that I should be acceptable to society ! Yet we don’t want to be judged , yet we say I don’t care what the world thinks . So hypocritical isn’t it .


So a lot of skin related issues are mainly due to internal issues related to stomach or liver . Ofcourse primarily the focus of every Ayurvedic Dr is to improve your internal health and then your beauty will shine through . Like as if a light is shining through you . That happens when your Ojas ( The fluid of life /vibrancy ) is very strong . Today few people have Ojas shining through their souls or eyes . When your Ojas is in abundance then your body is devoid of disease and can fight any disease . Then your hair is shiny and thick also your skin glowing and bright and the eyes bright and beautiful . Obviously there wont be any need for makeup or colour . Normally small children are full of Ojas and see how bright and beautiful their eyes and skin is ! So how does one increase the Ojas is oneself . Apart from eating right and living a proper lifestyle based on the Circadian rhythm one needs to have good thoughts . Pure cows milk ( Preferable A2 milk which is non pasteurized ) , white butter ( non salted ) and cows ghee ( through the traditional route only ) can show dramatic difference in increasing your Ojas and beauty within a span of 6 months . However make sure that your digestion is powerful which an ayurvedic doctor can do in a span of 7 to 10 days only . It will take that much time to reach your cellular structure . However when it does reach you will see a marked difference which will be here to stay for a long time . However you need to also remember that simultaneously if you deplete your Ojas then it would take even longer . The ways by which Ojas depletes is excessive anger , excessive use of the five senses , Dieting , over thinking , being negative and sad due to any loss , over exersion , over exercise and over indulgence in sexual activity which includes masturbation , smoking and drinking alcohol are also reasons .


So if you think you can smoke drink alcohol heavily even if its once a week , keep dieting and be negative and yet aspire to be good looking ? Forget it … you are mistaken . That won’t happen . Your hair skin and eyes will start to become dull and lifeless and no amount of external application of crème and shampoo or oils will do much to it . That’s why it is said that beauty comes from Inside out not the other way round !! Apart from this I have mentioned in my previous article on beauty that oil should be an integral part of your beauty regime . Its time to love Oil and use it everyday religiously instead of soap. When you do within a year of using it everyday your BO ( body odor ) will reduce , acnes , spots , warts , dry skin , dark circles will reduce over a period of time . Another thing is to avoid soap and shampoo as much as possible  ! For one because the there is something called an acid mantle on your skin and the pH of your skin should always be between 4 and 5 . No soap or shampoo can ever do that ! For shampoos you should use natural and cheaper products like Reetha and Shikakai powder ,these are natural suds ( soaps ) which actually help in increasing volume of hair and they don’t foam too much . Foaming is a very wrong concept . Just soak the reetha and shikakai overnight and apply on the hair for 20 mins . Use 2 to 4 tablespoons for short hair and 5 to 8 table spoons for long hair . You can do it twice to remove excess oil. In a shampoo or soap if you think that foaming means it’s a cleaning process , then you are wrong . All soaps or shampoos have to use foaming agents separately . No chemical I repeat no chemical can ever do anything good for you or your skin or hair . Period .


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