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The first thing that shocks you today as a healthcare service provider is that this is the first time in history of mankind that the children are more sick than their parents ! What could the reason be . There are several reasons of course ,and we shall talk about them now . The first thing that comes to mind is the excessive use of media ( TV and Mobile phones ) through the day making us zombies and distracting us from LIFE ! When you use your 5 senses excessively it affects your health dramatically …. simply because everything has a lifespan and can be used for a set of hours or days or years so overusing them will reduce their lifespan . Then the food that we eat today isn’t even food , its made to look taste and smell like food.


Our body and mind is made up of our thought process and our consciousness. So when we eat lifeless food or junk food or packed food which I call shit ( its actually nothing better than just that ) we think shit and also feel like shit !! When I say this , I mean that most of the time today we eat food which has no life in it “ Prana shakti “ ( life giving energy ) then how do you expect to live ? The number of obese people are increasing like an epidemic . One more thing guys its not OK to be Fat ! Please ! Try watching a movie before the 70 ‘s and notice how thin , agile and healthy people were . Do you know why ? That’s because something happened in the 60’s and 70’s . The packed food industry went berserk selling you things they called food and they still are !! Started their marketing campaigns through television which ran across the world like an epidemic . Today the Food industry kills more people than smoking drugs and alcohol put together .


Food needs to be fresh and organic and has to have life to sustain life , don’t you think ? Today our perception of food is that it should look good and taste good . That’s not the purpose of food . The very purpose of food is to give the body nutrition and energy to live . That can come only from food that is alive ! Here are some very easy to follow concepts which you can follow on a daily basis if you want sound health of your mind and body .

  1. Stop eating any kind of packed or canned food .( Eating any kind of packed food will only make you sick however safe it appears or says it is) anything that needs to be packed has to have preservative or chemicals or has to be dehydrated or anything which needs it to be stored for sometime. All the three things done to food kills food . There is no life giving energy or     “ Pranashakti “ left in the food . The mitochondrion in your body which converts food to energy needs food it can recognize . It does not recognize chemicals . Period !

2.Eat at very specific times which matches the universe and every human body clock . Eat breakfast before 8.30 am . Lunch between 12 and 1.30 pm and dinner by 6 . If you cannot have dinner so early have it by 8 latest and make sure you have a short meal like fruits at around 4 if you are eating dinner at 8 . There is a reason why I say all this . Your body works as per the universal clock . The scientists today call it the circadian rhythm ( clock of the universe ) and in Ayurveda it was called “Dinacharya “ 5000 years ago ! If you don’t wake up early in the morning the natural peristaltic movement of your intestines will stop so your intestines cannot be properly evacuated , then the stools which remain inside cause toxins and these toxins are absorbed by your blood ! So you don’t feel hungry early morning , So you eat a late lunch at 2 or 3 pm which puts your body under stress and the digestive fire or digestive energy starts to wane . When that happens the food is left undigested and this causes toxins in your system . Pushing toxins in your body everyday causing diseases in the long run . After sunset the digestive power reduces even further , so eating early in the evening is far better to stay disease free . Another advantage , you will not put on so much weight provided you eat fresh food !


  1. Do not eat stored food . The energy in food reduces drastically after 6 to 8 hours and there is no life left in the food . So think before eating refrigerated food everyday and eating out regularly , if you think the person in a restaurant kitchen cares about your health you are fooling yourself . The more you eat home cooked food the more healthier you are . Most people would say refrigeration is fine , however the frozen foods act in a certain way like the half life of a radioactive substance , ie the moment you remove food from the fridge it deteriorates at a pace which is 10 times faster than food kept at normal temperature . The rest is your choice of course . There is no short cuts to good health like there is no short cut to success. I have mentioned about the refrigeration process in one of my blogs in detail.


Like this we add a lot of value to our patients to create awareness of their body and food hence empowering them to take care of themselves . That’s what Ayurveda is all about . That’s what Samskrt is all about . Feel free to write back to us or take an appointment with any of our Specially trained Ayurvedic Doctors ( Lifestyle Coach ) by sending us a whats app “YES ” on +91 7045964227 in case you want to lead a disease free life.

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