SKIN and HAIR health

Do you ever wonder how a nicotine patch works ? you stick it to your skin like a band aid and the skin absorbs all the nicotine in it … everything you put on your skin is absorbed … Your skin eats everything you give it . So you think your body doesn’t absorb anything else that comes in contact with it ? Well think again … skin is the largest detox organ which breathes and absorbs everything that touches it depending on the particle size. Some of it is absorbed and some aren’t because the particle size are too large to penetrate through it .

What you must know is that the skin does love  fatty acids ! Like Ghee and oil . The more you feed this to your skin and your body the more you help it detox and flourish… the more it will be supple and soft … the more it will thank you .. and the more Young it stays . Nourish your skin and hair  with something which you can eat or drink not chemicals …. Like what you may ask ? If you cannot eat or drink something which is a chemical e g : soap , shampoo ,creme and cosmetic . ..then don’t feed it to your skin either ! Just to let you know that there are a lot of natural and ayurvedic skin and hair products in the market . However be aware that if the skin creme and shampoo contain a creme base or a shampoo base they are not completely natural . You will be surprised what the FDA is ok with ! The industry would love to make you believe something else though for their sales … not for the health of your skin or hair  …. Who do you think are the experts who give you advice on certain products on different medias? They are  bloggers or dermatologists who are paid to write or tell you what the organization wants to say … Well if I tell you to use ghee or sesame oil you can just buy it from anywhere … I gain nothing do I ? Try it … use sesame or coconut or mustard oil everyday and see the difference . sesame remains the best as it has maximum penetrative powers and also is more therapeutic compared to the other two in terms of healing your muscles and bones , increasing Vitamin D etc.

How many more years would you want to be fooled and still be ok with it ? Thats a choice you need to make . We are so used to watching the television , Reading magazines and newspapers that our minds are all brainwashed every single day every single hour through the TV or internet ads or hoardings or magazines or social media ads …. The day you stop all this will you realize what they have been doing to you . Also you know whats funny … the industry will give you all kinds of jargons … no animal testing , no parabens or SLS , FDA tested and safe !! Well think for once who created the FDA and for what ? The FDA isn’t created by the Government but by the industry itself . Now check how many drugs and foods have been taken back after they killed or crippled people across the world . How many cosmetics have screwed up peoples skin and hair . How many food preservatives and chemicals are causing cancer everyday . Then decide whether you want to believe what you always were told to believe . Most of us would go about agreeing to them for something thats harmful to us ! Wake up guys ….It has nothing to do with your beauty but to do with their sales ….Take care of yourself . Be true to yourself . Thats all I say . Its your choice anyways . Be natural and use natural …, And no . Even if people say its ok to use chemicals its not . People will say that even natural things are natural chemicals . YES they are organic and can be recognized by your body and cells , however the synthetic chemicals aren’t . Rest is up to you of course .

In the DIY section I have mentioned what to do for your skin and hair health . Make Oil your friend . Use pure unrefined oil all over your body and scalp . You can use it everyday before a bath . If women don’t want oily hair everyday , can use it twice a week in the night . Are you aware that large brands are now selling cleansing oils ? They know as well , but they also know that you can buy cheap oil and then their business goes for a toss.So they will add stuff and extracts to make it something else ! just go with plain unrefined sesame oil everyday before a bath . Also most people aren’t aware that ” There are more organisms or bacteria on your skin than there are people on this planet “! These organisms are harmful and beneficial . What we need to do is to kill the harmful and cultivate the beneficial organisms and bacteria . That happens only with sesame or mustard oil , because these oils are known to kill bacteria and the beneficial bacteria or organisms feed on the oil . These oils also have an SPF of 15 to 30 . The sunscreens you buy kills your skin and you ! They are carcinogenic.


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