Mind heals the body .

In our entire time as health and wellness coach’s , our ayurvedic doctors saw one very clear thing . Hundred percent of our patients who had severe diseases in their adulthood was due to some kind of mental trauma as a child or emotional issues which was related to their childhood or teenage years . So when we actually went down to the brass tacks of healing people we had to heal the mind as well as the body . Otherwise the body went back to the same disease after sometime .


Its extremely important that we all first heal our minds and detox our minds on a daily basis . That could be in several ways of course . There are several daily detox procedures in Ayurveda which can be done on a regular basis and after a point of time this starts to clean the mind and detangle all the emotional knots . The main reason you behave in a certain way is that the emotional knots are not detangled and it keeps growing until one day you become a complete new you who even you cannot recognize . Then starts the blame game , because your mind needs someone to blame for what has happened to you .You cannot blame yourself . That’s the inbuilt ego which is the survival instinct of us humans . Remember the mind is the Devil ! It will show you ways and means to not change your habits because it needs to survive … because once you use your intelligence and wisdom to change your habits , your mind loses the battle of destroying you . So you need to give this a thought … what is it you want .


The way we humans beat ourselves up for all that’s happening in our life limits our very existence . This is universal irrespective of the class , colour religion or sex. So how does one actually start to take care of ones mind ? All of us first need to understand that our body is formed by our own consciousness . When I mean consciousness I mean our thoughts our perceptions and our memory . So every thought you have is recorded by every cell. So when you are negative about things in life the cells in your body respond in that way . We have noticed most people with serious diseases are extremely negative , anxious , too sensitive and paranoid about everything in their life . Diseases like cancer , kidney failures , heart diseases , diabetes , stroke affect these people to name a few , ofcourse this is in extreme cases , before these the body shows a few signs which we all don’t pay attention to .


All this starts very early in life . So when we think that I am ok and I can do anything in my youth and that’s freedom , that’s exactly when you are changing your mental and physical health in a way so as to push yourself towards ill health . So start early , its never too late . The body is very forgiving and can heal itself if you give it the environment to heal . I can give you a very quick 3 solutions to start with in changing your lifestyle .


  1. Sleep early ( Sleeping by 10 pm every night without fail ) will help to distress you , as the Central nervous system has a fluid which enters the brain every njght to clean off the toxins in your brain and this comes back at dawn . The melatonin in your brain as well stops secreting if you keep watching TV or Laptop or your mobile phone after sunset . Then the melatonin secretion for stops . Melatonin is responsible to fight diseases in our body from a common cold to flu to cancer !
  2. Walk everyday . Walking is probably the easiest and cheapest method to detox your mind . Taking a 20 – 30 min brisk walk every morning ( between 6 and 7 am) and 20 to 30 min in the evening ( 4 to 6 pm ) is the best thing you can do for your mind .
  3. Keep your Guts clean ( make sure you visit the bathroom early morning everyday ) . If you have constipation then you need something natural by which your intestines are clean . Little do we all know that our Dopamine and serotonin is secreted in our gut as well as the brain . So when you keep the intestines clean the brain would be happy ! Now you know why an early morning dump makes you feel so good !

There are several other things we can show you and teach you by which you can remain disease free and empowered to take care of your own health . Feel free to write to us for any point that you feel you would be interested in or to take an appointment with our LIFESTYLE COACH’S ( Ayurveda Doctors ) by sending Whatsapp “YES “ on +91 7045964227 .