The habit of comparing .

We all have this habit of comparing ourselves with others , Don’t we . At some point in life we understand or realize that we aren’t good enough . Our Parents , teachers , friends , siblings , whoever it is makes us believe we aren’t good enough and our brain being the sponge it is absorbs it quickly and then the journey of comparing ourselves with others begin . Well now that its a habit , its very hard to get rid of. So here is what you can do. Go ahead compare yourself … Compare yourself not with materialistic things , as thats the easiest to do. He / she has a better house , car , child , spouse etc etc… instead say , He / She is so compassionate , has so much love to give , is so nice to everyone . Compare yourself with others with the positive qualities of a soul. Try thinking , how can I be better in terms of giving … how can i be better in terms of being able to love someone , being able to forgive , being able to say sorry , being able to laugh , being able to laugh off a situation , being able to make friends , being able to help others , being able to smile at adversity …. compare yourself to those good quality in every soul… every soul has a good quality … find that and compare and grow … Start to act or pretend to do that for sometime … soon it will become a habit …I don’t want to ask you not to compare yourself because thats a negative thing to do…. I say go ahead compare .. compare yourself to the good qualities of a Soul or another human being . …..

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