What does being healthy mean ?

Do we even know what healthy is ? Hmm .. let me explain what healthy is as per Ayurveda since I have been following an Ayurvedic lifestyle for the past few years …. Here is what happens when you are healthy

  1. You just won’t fall sick ! People all around you will have the flu , have cold and cough , have aches and pains and you just won’t !
  2. You will look younger than your age .. isn’t that what we all want ?
  3. You can think better , feel better , understand better , comprehend better and strategize better . You will see what others cannot , you will understand how the universe works . Isn’t that what we all professionals wish for ? Since your mind body and soul are in tandem , thats what it will be .
  4. You will not have any disease in the long run ! Will probably die a natural death out of just a simple headache or in your sleep .
  5. You will have a much longer life than others . When I say longer it will also be fruitful.
  6. You will be able to deal with issues in life easily . Life is all about lessons in the form of pain . That will be easy for a healthy person to deal with .
  7. You will start feeling subtle things in life . This is probably the most important yet no one pay’s attention to it . When I mean subtle , it means you will feel , see , hear subtle things and will be able to manifest what you want !

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